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  1. 2003 3.0l motor swap into 2004 truck

    hello guys, i am new to the forums here but i have many times used this site to help me. however , with my current issue i cannot find what i am looking for. so my truck is a 2004 regular cab stepside 3.0L automatic i bought it with no motor/tranny or engine wiring harness i bought a totaled...
  2. Jessene

    New to forum looking for advice

    1999 Ford Ranger xlt 2 wh drive 3.0 L V6 automatic transmission , lost reverse , and can not get the dipstick back in I turned it a million times but it wont go . Does anyone know how much the torch converter holds ?
  3. Blue_Bunny72

    Higher Viscosity Oil for Knocking 3.0l?

    I've got a '98 ranger with a 3.0l and it has an obvious spun bearing. I was wondering if bumping up the oil's viscosity on the next change would help squeeze a little more life out of the motor before it kicks a rod through the block (if so, what viscosity would you recommend?). Any feedback is...
  4. 2000 3.0l Engine Replacement Running Rough and No Power

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. So I bought a 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0l automatic XLT 4x4 Flex Fuel 8th digit: V with 156k miles with a seized engine (cam synchronizer failed). It has been sitting for about a year and pack rats had chewed up the wiring harness a bit. I found a 3.0l engine out of a 99...
  5. 3.0 Engine Wiring Harness For 4.0 OHV

    I cant find a engine wiring harness for my 98 Ranger 4.0 OHV Automatic trans. I did find one from a 3.0 from the same year. Will it work?
  6. engine swap?

    What engines will swap into a 2003 ford ranger edge 3.0l? I'm up for anything even if it's not ford
  7. 2003 ford ranger edge alternator

    Hi, my alternator is currently going on my 2003 ford ranger edge 3.0L. if I'm not mistaken I have the 95A alternator. I have an aftermarket audio pieces in my truck. Will the 130a alternator from a 2004 ford escape 4.0L fit my truck? I have one available near by. Thanks in advance
  8. '93 Ranger, 2wd, 3.0 Crazy Grinding Noise

    Hey, my 15yr old just bought this 93 Ranger (probably the 12th one in the family) and we will be replacing the clutch and clutch slave cylinder next week. We will flush the 5pd tranny, possibly swap out the rear main while we are in there. Differential was leaking, so we changed fluid and put...
  9. Can Taurus non-PATS ECM be used ?

    :icon_confused:Has anyone used a non-PATS ECM (i.e. 97 Taurus) with a 98-99 Ranger 3.0? I have a spare motor and 5speed that I'd like to install in an old MGB roadster I have. I've got the engine and trans mounted in the car, and now need to figure out wiring... I've got the engine wiring...
  10. '99 3.0L Water pump removal

    Hi all, I replaced my DPFE sensor a couple weeks ago. WOW! What a difference. Truck would not rev above 3200 or so. Now it will go up to 5k or so. Feels like a whole new vehicle. Friday I stumbled onto the throttle cable mod. Sure enough, even better! Can't believe how well it was running. So I...
  11. Rusted out exhausts, gasket leaks, busted fuel line

    Got a 1998 3.0L V6 4x4 5-speed. Clutch has been slipping now for months, finally caught a break with time to work on it. This is the deepest I've gone in on any car and I'm pumped to do the work but now it's approaching that moment where DIY turns into a holy shit didn't see that coming project...
  12. 1991 Ranger XLT with A4LD

    I'm doing a transmission swap from A4LD to A4LD. The new transmission doesn't have the lower part of the dipstick tube and I can't get the lower part out of the old transmission. Any ideas on how to get it out. I've tried heat and penetrating oil. I can't find a replacement anywhere. I would...
  13. 2007 Ranger Hesitates under Load when Warm

    I searched all the threads on hesitation, but I don't think I found any that pertain to my situation, so I decided to start a new thread. Please excuse me if I missed one. Here is my situation. 2007 Ford Ranger Sport 3.0L Manual transmission. 78k miles. Excellent shape. No known issues...
  14. 3.0 Better Clutch???

    hey guys i am swaping a 1995 3.0L in to my b2300 and i want to put in a new clutch im just wondering if any one knows a good aftermarket clutch that i could use or if there are any that i can swap in from another car ive heard that a mustang clutch will work so any help wold be great
  15. lucasruble

    2000 3.0L VIN "V" into a 1998 3.0L VIN "U". What needs to be replaced?

    2000 3.0L VIN "V" into a 1998 3.0L VIN "U". What needs to be replaced? Just picked up a 1998 Ranger with a 3.0L VIN "U" with a bad engine. Got a line at a yard on a 2000 3.0L VIN "V" Flex Fuel. What components need to be changed from the non-Flex Fuel motor to the Flex Fuel motor for proper...
  16. 2006 Ford Ranger Sport 2WD Auto Tranny Slipping

    I have a 2006 Ford Ranger Sport 2WD 3.0L V6 Automatic. It's a daily driver and gets me to and from work everyday. I noticed that while driving on the interstate, when I am over speeds of 65+ MPH and I accelerate (pedal to the metal) it feels like the transmission slips into neutral and over...
  17. Wanted: 98' 3.0L Engine...

    My truck has close to 300,000 miles on the engine and it still runs good, but I want to see if anyone is selling a 3.0L that would fit into my 98' 2WD. Anything that's cheap and in good shape I would probably take. I really want something I can rebuild, clean up and plug and play it into the...
  18. 1998 3.0L Oil Pan replacement

    Hi, New here - just signed up after 'lurking' for a year or two - picked up a lot of great tips from the forums. My 1998 4x4 3.0L oil pan has rusted out, and it's got the point where I have to replace it over the next few days. I've already got a new pan, and the felpro rubber gasket, but...
  19. JayGeePee

    1997 3.0L Standard Tranny Fluid?

    I was wondering what kind of transmission fluid goes in the standard in my 97 Ranger? I read somewhere its not plain AOD or type F its something I cant remember. I have a rear seal leaking and need to top the tranny back off until I can fix it.:icon_confused:
  20. JayGeePee

    Aerostar Intake

    Has anyone tried the aerostar intake on there 3.0L Ranger? I've heard of this being done-Also heard it gives more bottom end torque and top end power than the stock one. I'm assuming its that way on the aerostar because not only does it weigh more than the ranger but its also suppose to carry...

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