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302 v8

  1. RangerRedneck!

    Droppin in to say hey! new to the forum just got my third ranger but the first one ever modified. I have driven them for work over the last 10 years but in search of the "elusive" hotrod that would make me and my 15 year old son both happy I bartered my way into a 1988 Ranger S with a 302 V8...
  2. First start success with my 302!

    Started my project in Nov 2011. Been putting whatever time and money I can spare into it and today with the help of TRS I started the motor for the first time! :yahoo: Found quite a few kinks that need to be worked out... was leaking fuel in a couple spots. My remote oil filter was leaking...
  3. Will it work?

    I just got a reman 302 87-91 comp eng and tran. Is this a good motor to use in a 88 ranger super cab.

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