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302 swap

  1. Bronco II 302 Swap Questions

    Just recently bought a pristinely maintained, bone-stock 1985 Bronco II (pictures below). Manual, 2.9 2.8. Want to turn this into a beast. 302 swap, suspension, all the bells and whistles. Want a overlanding/outdoor rig that I can also cruise around in. I've been scouring forums all over the...
  2. 98 ranger 2wd 2.5l- 302 with a t5

    Hello everyone! I have a love for small trucks. Especially the ranger and would love to go 302 efi not carbureted. I know barely anything except i want to keep it manual and rwd. Need setups. The best route to take to begin this process. Thank you all very much
  3. 2000 Ranger 3.0 --> 5.0

    So, I've already completed this swap, after taking many months of time to gather resources, do some homework, and jump into the grease pit but it was worth it. My vehicle is a 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0 V6 FFV 2wd (non-edge) I did not make use of a donor vehicle for this swap. Here's the information...
  4. 90 ford ranger 302 swap holly terminator x

    Ok I have a 90 ford ranger supercab that had a 2.9 auto in it I have a 86 302 with a t5 trans now the motor has no computer or harness so I purchased a holly terminator x for the ecu and harness any tips on how I should wire this up and any tips on the AC box mods would be greatly appreciated...
  5. 302 swap questions

    Sorry for another thread on a 302 swap but I have a few questions. The 2.8 in my 85 bronco 2 may have finally given up on life and I don't want to wast any time replacing a boat anchor. I have a guy willing to get me a 302 and c4 tranny for 600 which is about all I can afford at the time. What...
  6. 89 Bronco 2 E.B. 302 swap

    A couple months ago i purchased a ranger with a 302 with a c4/c5 (Do not exactly know which one). Anyway, it was once running and driving so it had the oil filter relocation, motor mounts, etc.. I have already purchased new motor mounts from James duff and plan to get my headers and radiator...
  7. my first swap

    I am about to start my first 302 swap on 88 ranger 2.9 long bed. i am wondering if there is any mustang or explorer or something that i could use to get the majority of my parts from in stead, of buying each thing separate any information will be helpful.
  8. 1984 V-6 2.9 to 302 swap heads and cam??

    Hello... I have a 84 ranger which currently has the 2.9 carburated V-6. and the 5 speed manual transmission. I recently picked up a 302 (Throttle body injection) out of an 84 grand marquis , but it didn't come with a harness or computer so the plan is to convert back to 4 barrel carb, for the...
  9. ranger v8 conversion

    I recently bought a 91 ranger 4 cylinder with a five speed. The motor is no good. I also have a 302 bored over 30, carbuerated with trick flow heads, flat top pistons, and roller cams and an AOD trans, the motor comes with headers. What all parts would i need to put this motor in my ranger?
  10. 1988 Ford Ranger

    I've had this truck since I was 15. Along the years it's seen some abuse and lots of trails. I've done so much to it and for the last 2 years it's been sitting while I've slowly worked on it. Did a small block 302 swap, SAS currently finishing. Hope everyone likes the post and pictures
  11. 302 Swap

    I currently have an 85 ranger with the 2.3L OHC automatic. It has this bad knock to it I was wondering what all I would need to do to swap it out with a 302? Also if I went back with a 2.3L what year range would it have to be from?
  12. 302 swap in 87 ranger. Need help fast in the middle of dropping the motor in!!!!

    Ok so I'm using the oringinal 5speed tranny with the adaptor plate and a removable bellhousing. Wear can I get a clutch slave cylinder and mounting brackett. or should I use the McLeod Throwout Bearings 1400-74. Will that even work??? Who out there has done a swap like this a can help. Fustrated...
  13. Need info on a ranger im looking to do a 302 conversion

    ok So im looking for a good platform to do a 2wd 302 ranger build, i have one prospect i need some info/opinions on, its a 1993 Splash 2wd reg cab short stepside bed its supossed to be lowered 4in in the front and 5in in the back, im wondering if i will run into clearance problems when i go to...
  14. borg warner t10

    will a pre 1964 borg warner t10 tranny fit a 1988 302?
  15. Range98

    Need some swap advice

    I've been wanting more power and rumble from my truck so I'm thinking 302 swap. My issue is I have a really reliable 3.0 l and I don't know how reliable a swap would be. My truck has original engine and trans at 166,000 miles, and no issues I'm afraid if I go through and do it then I might end...
  16. 302 header problem

    hi im getting toward the end of my swap and im having major issues finding headers that work i got a set of headmans that were supposed to be for this swap but they didnt clear the steering shaft or the passenger side frame rail then i tried a set of explorer manifolds which cleared everything...
  17. 302 setup

    i have an 85 b2 all stock next year im plannin a 302 swap im unsure what axles t case and trans to use but i would like to keep it standard my direction is baja/mud and weekend street use im only planning for 300-350 horses any suggestions on components

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