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302 351w swap ford ranger

  1. 09Stang

    Installing AC in a non AC 1st gen ranger? Have a 302/c4 swap

    Hi everyone, I thought I may post on here since I can't find any real in depth knowledge on this subject. My dad and I built an 83 ranger into a race truck. It's got a stock 302 from blueprint, a non AC CVF serpentine kit (with power steering). It has a street built C4 auto from TCI. My dad...
  2. Carb 302 in 01

    so i found this kit for the 302 swap. i have been reading abt this swap for quite a long time but can’t seem to find all the information that i need. i have an 88 tbird 302, AOD tranny, and an 8.8 rear end readily available. but i can’t find a thread on EVERYTHING i need to do this swap. i know...
  3. Trying to get my truck to drift

    I have a 1997 ranger short bed single cab 4wd. wondering what y’all recommend. I was gonna go with a 302 swap.
  4. Easiest 351w into a 98-00 Ranger?

    Hello, so Ive got a 351w mated to a E4OD from a 92 econoline van, Im looking to get a ranger and possibly a donor explorer as well to aid with the swap, so my thinking is that if I get a 98-00 ranger with a 99-01 explorer, everything is plug and play, now.. Would I be able to just yank the 351...
  5. Ranger V8 swap

    Hello, I’m doing a 302 swap from a 95 f150 into a 96 Ford Ranger 3.0 and I just wanna know if anyone has done this. I know the mustang and the explorer are the most popular but I’m getting a sweet deal on a f150 with a 5.0 and an M50D-R2. I just wanna know who’s done it and what I need to expect...
  6. my first swap

    I am about to start my first 302 swap on 88 ranger 2.9 long bed. i am wondering if there is any mustang or explorer or something that i could use to get the majority of my parts from in stead, of buying each thing separate any information will be helpful.
  7. Ranger transformation is it possible?

    Alright guys new to this sight I'm sure I'll get some Awsome information though. My plan for my 2005 4.0l ranger edge 4X4 is to basically change everything about it internally. Haha. I wanna swap in a v-8 make it carbureted and keep it 4x4. Is this possible or am I crazy?:dunno: Also I'm...
  8. What front supension would be best for a 91 Ranger ?

    I am trying to make my 91 Ranger 2.3L RWD into a well handling truck. I plan on a 302 and a T5 tranny attached to a 8.8 Mustang rear end. I have done research on the front suspension and ran across this page http://goo.gl/A8g6Gf. If any one could possibly help me with which front end would be best.
  9. Will a Pedal assembly from f150 fit in my ranger

    Hello first timer here... I plan to replace my 2.9 with an automatic to a 302 with a 4 speed. I bought a 1888 f150 I want to replace everything diff to diff. I'm concerned about clutch issues. I'm wondering if the pedal assembly from the f150 will fit in my ranger. If anybody that's done this...
  10. Engine swap suggestion

    Im looking to swap out my 2.9 for either a 302 or a 351w. Not sure which one i should go with. What are the pros and cons between these two engines?:icon_confused:

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