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3.0 liter

  1. 3.0 to 3.0 swap

    I recently rolled my 99 4x4 auto ranger with 3.0 flex fuel. Which other rangers could i swap that motor into?
  2. 94 3.0 exhaust manifold pattern

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew if the 4.0 headers would fit a 3.0 I'm looking for some good exhaust manifolds for a 3.0 and it looks like 4.0 headers would fit as well as being cheaper and more abundant, thank you for your time 1994 ford ranger xlt 3.0 v6 5spd
  3. '94 B-3000 3.0 Motor Mounts

    Hello! I am the new owner of a 1994 B3000 3.0L V6. It's a 5 speed, my first manual transmission car, but I noticed that the motor mounts may be going bad. I have not gotten a chance to take a closer look at the issue yet (I had to go to work, and got a ride instead of risking making the problem...
  4. Bgunner

    How to tell if there is a restriction in the exhaust using a vacuum gauge?

    I have read the "How To" on vacuum but it does not mention what the vacuum gauge will read and do if there is a restriction in the exhaust, like a plugged cat. What should I be looking for to tell if I have an issue with exhaust restriction? :icon_confused: current test results: Idle: 18 Hg...
  5. Bgunner

    Look for the next step/s in the diagnosis process.

    Lets start with the vehicle first shall we: 94, Ranger super cab, 3.0L, manual transmission, Stock suspension and drive train, Code 84: 7.5″ rear axle open with 3.45 gears, 146,xxx miles. No CEL Issues: Shaking while under heavy load, climbing hills, in first gear with RPM's between 1000...
  6. rangerscout

    3.0l supercharger buildup long travel kit

    Ok so this is what i AM going to do and i dont care about your negative criticism i just want positive ok. So what i am doing is getting the tom morana racing stroker kit to make it a 3.3l and i am going to be getting the m90 or m112 supercharger and maybe a water meth kit but thatd be later...
  7. Leaded fuel in a 3.0 flex-fuel v-6

    Hello I need to know if "leaded fuel" is ok to run in this 3.0 flex-fuel v-6. I almost filled my gas tank with more expensive, leaded fuel. I filled it up to about 3/4 full. Now, before I did this, the motor started running poorly, I thought that since it was way low on fuel, maybe below the...