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3.0 4.0 swap

  1. Blue_Bunny72

    3.0/4.0ohv motor mount compatibility

    Hey guys, I'm swapping my 3.0 to a 4.0 ohv in my 98 4x4. I was wondering if the 4.0 motor mounts would bolt on to the 3.0 frame or if I have to arrange for some drilling and welding. Thanks!
  2. 97 3.0 swap to 05 4.0 need tech help please

    i need help.. i want to swap my 3.slow out for the 4.go. i have a 97 ranger. i need to know if a 4.0 from a 2005 explorer will just bold right in. motor mounts the same location? transmission mounts in the same location? drive shaft differences? i have looked all over the net and cant find any...
  3. engine swap,4x4 conversion,etc

    hey all new to site name is Courtney from alberta Canada. im looking to convert my 2001 ford ranger single cab shortbox SPLASH 2wd 3.0L Manual transmission into a 4x4 as well as swap the 3.0 for a 4.0 since I will be needing a 4x4 transmission and tcase current truck: 2001 ranger single cab...
  4. Need some advice on engine choice

    My 2000 Ranger XLT 4x4 currently has the 3.0L-V6 in it but I'm going to need to replace it soon (rings and compression issues and 200k+ miles), my question is this: should I just replace it with another 3.0 or upgrade to the 4.0? This is my daily driver and needs to be reliable. What do you guys...
  5. FORD2011

    need some help with 4.0 swap into 3.0 ranger

    i have just bought a explorer, it is a 99 4.0sohc 5r55e trans 4.10 limited slip. i bought it originally for the rear end, to put into my 99 ranger 3.0 ff. but with 33s my 3.0 is a dog!!! i believe the explorer engine and trans should bolt right up to my bw1354 no problem they are both 99s so the...
  6. 93 3.0 to 96+ 4.0 swap

    i got a pretty good deal on a 1993 3.0 4x4 standard cab ranger, however the 3.0 motor is junk. so my plan is to do a 4.0 swap, this would be pretty simple if i were to swap in a 93-95 4.0 motor. but i want to put a 96+ 4.0 in it because i want to have an obd II computer. now my question is if i...

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