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  1. 1998 ford ranger 2wd

    hello my name is ricardo I just recently bought a 1998 ford ranger 2wd 5 speed its my first ranger ever an I planning on it being my project truck but its going be a long time kinda project I live in north Dakota so my first issue of course its trying to find some type of locker or lm diff for...
  2. ajune93

    Fit 33s on 2wd Ranger

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum but need some help with tire fitment. I have a 1996 Ford Ranger XLT 2wd. I am wanting to fit BF Goodrich 33x12.50r15 on 15x10 Cragar soft 8s on my truck. I have already completed a 4 inch lift and from what I've researched I might need to do some fender trimming. I...
  3. Cant figure this out

    help! I have a 1991 ranger and when i put it into reverse or drive there is something clanging, it sounds like a thin piece of aluminum rattling but cant find it, any thoughts on what it could be, any ideas are good ones
  4. Putting 2wd at stock 4wd height

    Dunno if this is better in the pre-runner or not but figured it'd be ok in a 2wd lift forum- I have a 1996 Ranger xlt extended cab 2wd that I'd like to bring up to stock 4wd height, i'd like to get a little more ground clearance out of it but i don't really wanna put the money in for a...
  5. Looking for good leveling Kit

    Hey guys I have a 2002 Ranger XLT regular cabshort bed 2.3L 5 speed 2WD and I am looking for a good leveling kit to level out my truck. Anyone know any good products?
  6. SierraCanine

    The "Pup" Truck

    A little history first; she was built in 1989 and has never left sunny California. was retired at roughly 110,000 miles from the park service to a farm in the valley, the guy never used or registered her so my dad picked her up for a commute car until I bought it from him for work and school...
  7. Rubbing them out.

    Hey guys, just fitted a new set of General grabber At2 tyres on to my 99 Ranger, but now they are rubbing on the arches when goin into dips and over speed bumps. ive been looking at the body lift kits on summit racing. ive found 3 that i think might work with my ranger any thoughts on them...
  8. 2wd Offroad

    Hey guys not trying to step on any toes or say 2wd is better, because I wish I had a 4wd but I dont and i'm kinda attached to my girl. These vids are without lockers, open diff. I have a 2" lift in the front, stock in the rear. bfgoodrich all terrain 31 10.50 x r15. I got the rims off a guy...
  9. Seriously what should i do?

    I would like to lower my truck just a little bit in the front and rear, i can easily do the fronts but is there another way i can lower the rear without relocating the axle to above the rear leafs?
  10. Please help-2wd SAS problems

    Hey guys, i have had a 2002 ford ranger xlt 2wd for 2 yrs with a total of 6 inches of lift and im tired of no 4wd, i do not have the option of selling and buying a 4wd and i got a complete 1993 wrangler axle with brakes, steering, everything. i just need some advice, i wnt to go leaf springs, i...
  11. 4wd grille on 2wd ranger?

    I've seen a nice grille on ebay that i like much better than the one i have on my ranger right now. But in the item description, it says its for 4wd ranger (93-94). I have a 95 2wd drive ranger with the regular ugly 3rd gen grille. My question is: will it fit without any, or with minor...
  12. Need help lowering my '83

    I'm looking to lower my 1983 ford ranger, the only problem is the front. I'm only flipping the springs in the back, What can i do to the front to match the rear?
  13. 1993 Ranger troubles (tranny)

    I have a 93 Ranger 4.0 5 speed (mazda) 2wd, previous owner ran it out of fluid, damage is done. Tranny is noisy in every gear except for 4th, but mostly in 1rst and 2nd. Is it worth (economically) to tear it apart or just hunt for a new tranny before this one blows up. Keep in mind been driving...
  14. BlueRanger93

    Lifting my 1993 2wd ranger

    ok guys im stuck. i bought a 2wd ranger i got it for a great price for the condition, :offtopic: but anyways i want to lift it and im not quiet sure what im doing as far as the lift kit. there was a 4x4 ranger that was lifted i just happened to see a few days ago so i bought the kit off it. ive...
  15. 4x4 to 2WD???

    I have a 4x4 91 Ford Explorer and the transmissions front seal blew and will not hold transmission fluid and so I am wanting to buy another transmission but except I want to change it to a 2WD since my 4x4 will not work anyways, so I was wondering if there was any possible way to be able to take...
  16. Best locker/limited slip for the money?

    Hi all, I have a 2002 Mazda B3000 with RWD and the "dual sport" off road suspension. I don't plan to use the truck off road very much, but I like to be able to do simple trails and the truck has to be capable of getting me to trailheads... Anyway I was thinking the best way to increase the off...
  17. ideas for my ranger

    Does anyone have any ideas of different ways i can customize my ranger?
  18. my 97 ranger is finally almost donee

    yup im a new member, this is my first post. but yea, im real excited.. i have had my 97 ranger for a little over a year now. when i first got the ranger, it was this little low rider looking thing, with a 3inch drop in the front, and lowering leafsprings and new shackles in the back. (not...
  19. play88keys4hymn

    Hello everyone

    Just another ranger lover. I have an 88GT longbed. Its all factory except for the paint color( 07 dodge viper red), the 18in wheels (07 Gt mustang )and a flip up/removeable sunroof. It has a rebuilt 2.9 with about 75k on it. planning on a 351w swap in a couple of years.
  20. amgamber34's 1997 Ex.Cab

    Well heres my build thread. I've been looking around on this site for awhile now and I finally got a couple pictures to show. It's Not much but its my pride and joy. Still waiting to take better pics. So far it's totally stock other than removing my mudflaps and alittle window tint. Some parts...