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2wd to 4wd ranger

  1. 4wd conversion endeavor

    I have done a lot of looking, here mostly, on how the 4wd system works in a ranger like mine. I have a 2wd ranger which I'd like to be 4wd. I have done a lot to it so I don't want to part with my ranger and get another one just to get 4wd. I am willing to do all the work to convert it to 4wd, I...
  2. HELP please : 2wd to 4wd

    Howdy. I have a 96 ranger with a 5.0 love this truck the only thing that's lacking is that its a 2wd I was wanting to know if anyone has ever done the swap? and how would i go about that??? maybe someone could direct me to a forum that shows how to do this. I have a 96 exploder that i...
  3. 2wd vs 4wd Ranger 85

    Does anyone know if a 2wd frame/body can support a 4wd from same year/type of ranger -- talking 1985 here. Both have 2.3L both have manual. Want to use the 2wd and make it into a 4wd -- just not sure of the frame changes that might need to be modified. Any assist appreciated. Thanks.

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