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2wd prerunner

  1. 2wd Overlanding/Camping?

    hi im very new to anything to do with forums so cut me some slack... im a big camper/explorer and love going out deep in the local bush. my problem is that my ford ranger (2004, 3.0L, 2wd) struggles to make it where i want to take it. ive had a only 2 incidents getting stuck, one was being...
  2. Twin I Beam Fabrication Question

    I have a question regard material selection. My build is a 94 ranger 2wd (Mild prerunner). Is getting a gm LS motor. 4 link in rear likely. Front I'm building my own TIB's. I'm not concerned about building the beams as I have a lot of fabrication buddies that know what there doing. However, I...
  3. HELP, I want to lift my 1986 2WD Ranger w/ Manual Steering

    So here’s my dilemma. I own a 1986 Ford Ranger with the 2.3l and 5spd manual. I want to put a cheapo rough country lift for aesthetic purposes and maybe do some beach cruising. However, my truck has manual steering which RC says will not work with their kit because P/S and M/S have different...
  4. prerunner

    I have a 1995 ranger and its a 2wd.... I want to turn it into a prerunner but I dont know were to start from.:bawling: Any suggestions?

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