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  1. stamina

    what kind of spark plugs should i use for a 2.9L v6 motor

    i honestly just want to know which plugs are the absolute best ones that i could possibly use for this old motor, it’s a 1990 2.9l auto 4wd. not afraid to shell out a little extra just want to know which ones are the best of the best for this lil v6💪🏼💯
  2. 88 ranger 2.9v6 idle jumps around badly

    i have an 88 ranger 2.9v6 the idle jumps around like crazy not sure what the problem is maybe injectors? when the truck gets warm it doesn't do it as much. if anyone has some input on this i would greatly appreciate it :) ive replaced the inline fuel pump, pressure regulator, TPS (Throttle...

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