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2.9l 88-90

  1. 88 Ranger

    88 Ranger

  2. 88 Ranger Build

    88 Ranger Build

  3. DavisRanger

    More Powa-Babeh 2.9L

    So, I’ve done some work. RV Camshaft Bored +40 4 hole injectors Cat delete Headers Small stroke (idk where the machinist found the crank, but he did.) I’m also running Advanced Timing and driving on 92 octane, it runs like garbage on anything lower than 92. Now, I’m assuming I’m needing to...
  4. Fuel Injector Restoration

    I recently went on what was no less an adventure with my 1988 Ranger with a 2.9L V6 after having a problem with a rusted fuel system. My fuel pumps (in tank pump and high pressure frame pump) were both clogged and destroyed after sitting for a few years. I’m pretty sure this is due to alcohol...
  5. DavisRanger

    Idle’s good, missing under load

    I just recently did a complete rebuild on my 2.9L. Almost everything under the hood is new. The truck idles great, but when under a load it’s missing at low speeds (lower rpm), but doesn’t miss at higher RPM’s. I removed the cats because they were clogged and put in a straight pipe. Never...
  6. DavisRanger

    88 Ranger Restomod

    I bought the truck in August 2019, haven’t had it a year yet and I have completed much more than I thought I would, one of the few things I can thank COVID for lol. I didn’t even start taking things apart until February (2020) The overall goal for this truck is to build it into a nice daily...
  7. Help with1989 Ranger 2.9L - Repair or Swap?

    Got a good deal on an '89 ranger 4x4 long bed 5 speed, using it mainly as a farm truck (keep in mind farm is in rough terrain in Ozarks). 166k miles, was running fairly well needed a good tune up. Fast forward - did tune up, changed bad valve cover gasket. No start. Mechanic is convinced that...
  8. 89 BII 2.9L Oil Pressure Drop

    After driving my BII for roughly 20 mins or so the oil pressure drops to where the engine will cut out at stop lights (almost like it is stalling). This problem is avoided by putting the deuce into neutral (automatic). I just changed the oil in this thing, and had this issue prior to my last...
  9. 88rangr

    1988 Ranger 2.9 L Bogs down

    This 88 has 236,000 miles on her, having problem with bogging down, but if I can hit the throttle down, it can get by the bogging and run well, replaced the fuel prssure reg and the MAP sensor, is this a dist problem you think? Have not took the battery off to reset the computer yet, should...
  10. 2.9l 88-90,91 head swap

    what r the casting numbers for the 2.9l heads with the better vavle train I know there outta a 1990 1991 ranger with a 2.9l I have an 88 n I have the standard heads that like to crack n warp

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