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2.9 swap

  1. Swap my 1987 2.9 Bronco II with a 1990 4.0 from a Ranger

    Howdy, I'm new on this forum, sorry if this has already been discussed on another thread. I have read up on the engine swaps other guys are doing but I haven't seen where anyone has done the exact swap I am thinking of doing so I wanted to reach out and see if anybody can tell me if this will...
  2. 1992 ranger 2.9 engine swap for 1999 explorer 4.0

    I have done some research and I have found that some 4.0 engines can blot straight up to a 1992 ranger 2.9. I am wondering if a 1999 explorer 4.0 will blot right on the tranny, and motor mounts?
  3. the no choice build

    ok i have 2 rangers the fixer is a 85 4x4 auto single cab long wheelbase dual tank with carbed 2.8 the donor is 86 5speed 4x4 single cab swb with efi2.9 has been flipped... the motor in the 85 was slightly built bored .20 over ,line bored .10 over . but 3 &4 rods are burnt but the motor is...

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