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  1. For Sale 1983 2.8L 4 speed 4WD Ranger

    All the computer stuff is gone. Holly 2bbl, Mallory Unilite, 3.73 limited slip diff from a Mustang, two sets of wheels: original steel and Bronco II alloy. Doors, glass, and hood are good. The bed is damaged and rusted in the wheel wells. The roof shows rust - especially the driver side...
  2. 85 ranger 2.8L a/c delete

    I took the compressor off since it doesn't work but don't know what to do about the two hoses connecting to it can I just take them off?
  3. 85 Ranger 2.8l to a 96 Explorer 4.0l

    Hello I've picked up 85 ranger with a 2.8 5 speed. I recently attempted to replace the cap and rotor, wires and spark plugs. After they were replaced, the ranger no longer ran. I ended up picking up a 96 explorer with a 4.0l OHV and decided to swap the motor into the ranger. was wondering is...
  4. Pix3L8

    85 ranger STX lift question

    Hi guys, I have an 85 STX 2.8L ranger, the truck came with a 2in factory lift although I don't believe it has the "highrider" suspension. The suspension is at the end of its life and I wanted to add 2 inch coil spacers and an add-a-leaf in the back to fit the new shocks I purchased. The only...
  5. Project84

    2.8l Cylinder Head Bolts?

    Hey TRS, I have been looking everywhere for some head bolts for my 2.8l V6 and can't seam to find any. Already tore apart the engine only to find out that no stores here in Amarillo have any traces of the bolts. Need my truck back and running fast! Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  6. 2.8 l performance ?

    Is there any performance parts the 2.8 l that are worth getting and if so what's a good combination to build power and retain some mpg
  7. timming issue?

    When i was in the process of replacing my heads i spun the crank shaft pully while distributor and heads were off, am i correct when i say that this messed my timming up?
  8. BRAND NEW!! (for me) 1985 2.8 Ranger 2WD

    I just bought an '85 Ranger 2.8L 6 CYL 2 BBL 2WD with 66K miles...I've been going thru the manual for the basics...oil/filter, transmission fluid, rear diff fluid and spark plugs/distributor cap. Are all those applications still the same? Any updates...where can I find them? And the most...
  9. 85 2.8 bronco 2 advanced timing issue

    Ok guys, I have a 1985 ford bronco 2 with the 2.8 manual with 4 wheel drive. I've been having problems getting advance in my timing and Ive already tried to replace both the ignition control module and the engine control computer and neither fixed the problem. I was told that i was gonna have to...

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