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2.3l 4x4

  1. FlooredCustom

    Rusty Ranger Danger

    Hi fellow Ford enthusiasts, I recently acquired a 1989 Ford Ranger Custom 2.3L 4wd, manual transmission, its a beauty. I knew i had some rust to repair on the body but didn’t know at what point it was dangerous. My clutch and my break booster both let go while I was driving on the highway...
  2. RJMacReady

    Can you identify that rattle?

    Here's a vid. Rattle is loudest at the last part of the vid as I walk to the passenger side.
  3. New to the Forum and dumb question

    Hi all, just joined. Quick question. Anybody know the size of the 4 bolts that attach the fan clutch to the water pump on an 87' Ranger XLT with the 2.3L engine and no air conditioning? A source would also be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Ranger won't start after alternator replacement

    I have a 1990 Ranger 4x4 with 2.3l and the truck won't start. The alternator quit and burned up the plug on the alternator and I replaced both the alternator and the plug on the end of the harness. After the alternator was replaced the truck started and ran for about 3 minutes, then sputtered...
  5. 2.3L 4cyl Transmission 4x4 5speed

    I have a 97 2.3L 5 speed 2wd and I am putting a sa and converting it to 4x4 I know it's easier to buy a new truck but I have time and money. My question is. Is it possible to use a 5 speed 4x4 transmision from an older ranger that is from a 4cyl?