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  1. 2007 Ranger Hesitates under Load when Warm

    I searched all the threads on hesitation, but I don't think I found any that pertain to my situation, so I decided to start a new thread. Please excuse me if I missed one. Here is my situation. 2007 Ford Ranger Sport 3.0L Manual transmission. 78k miles. Excellent shape. No known issues...
  2. Edgefevah

    Double checking

    Hey guys/gals. I went ahead and read the tech library posting about swapping a 7.5 for a 8.8. But just to make doubly sure I am understanding right. Will a 8.8 from a 2007 ford ranger FX4 fit in my 2002 Ford ranger edge? I have a auto,3.0L,2wd. From what I understand from the article is that...
  3. 2007RangerSport

    New To The Site not Rangers From Texas

    My Ranger is my baby... im new here... im catching onto it quick. and i will ALWAYS try to have Cool stuff on my page for yalls viewing pleasures:icon_thumby:
  4. 2007RangerSport

    My ford ranger... Flying!! (must watch)

    The other day i saw some kids jumping there dirt bikes.. i drove over to them (into the dry retention pond) and told them to watch out... i hit it at 25 MPH... i only did it oncehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYjK6HfOP8E
  5. 2007RangerSport

    My Plans For My 2x4 Ranger Sport

    This is MY RANGER! :) I WANT to lift My 2007 Ranger Sport 2x4/w Torsion Bars! I havnt done ANYTHING Suspension wise yet. (other than crank my T-Bars) and i like how my truck sits on 31x10.50s. (Really Hot) I am stuck between two lifts: 1. Camburg 2wd Entry Level 6.0 Kit 2...
  6. 15x12s with tiger paws on my 2007

    I have a 2007 single cab ranger thinking about getting a set of 15x12s with tiger paws but i have no clue if theyll fit. my buddy is getting rid of his and said he donate me the rims. id need a 5 lug to 6 lug adapter as well. im trying to figure out if itll all fit.