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2003 ranger

  1. Cozmokittylord

    Dash Lights Partially Not Working

    Its pretty self explanitory, i noticed when i bought the thing that the dash cluster lights were pretty dim and just off in some spots so i put brand new lights in the dash it is super bright now but the areas that were off before are still off and it does not make sense to me. The areas that...
  2. 2.3L ('02-'11) 2001 Ranger 2.3L dead

    Hello, I've searched and can't seem to find an answer to this question anywhere. I have a '01 Ranger that the engine is trashed. It's what happens when you run it without oil (teenager). I am looking to swap the engine for another 2.3L but I am having trouble finding one. Everything I find...
  3. Lifting a 2003 Ford ranger 3.0 Xlt 2wd?

    I have a 2003 ford ranger 3.0 V6 XLT 2wd Automatic transmission and I am wanting to lift It with a 3” or maybe a 4” lift. I also want to put some bigger, more aggressive tires on it with the lift. Could I do this without having any problems or without running into clearance issues and such? And...
  4. 03 Ranger 3.0 OBD not ready for smog after drive cycle

    Hope this is the right section to post. I'm just learning about cars so forgive my ignorance. I need some help to pass smog -- OBD is still not ready - oxygen sensor, oxygen sensor heater, evap, and cat are not completed. Expired tags for over a month so far :(. I have gotten a new battery and...

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