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2002 ranger

  1. PineappleRanger503

    Overheating, replaced radiator and thermostat. Please help!!!

    Hello everyone, My truck is overheating and I am having some difficulty trying to pinpoint the problem. Hoping I can get some help and ideas on what may be the problem and/or what I may be doing wrong or incorrectly. I had a pretty noticeable cracked radiator which I have replaced with a brand...
  2. 1999 Ranger 3.0Lv6 flex fuel engine locked up...

    My 1999 Ford Ranger 3.0L v6 flex fuel engine just locked up on me... I've been looking for the same type of engine to do a clean swap but haven't found any around me for a decent price... I found an engine from a 2002 Ford Ranger 3.0 flex as well but wasn't sure if it would fit my '99. Can...
  3. Driveshaft?

    I need to remove the drive shaft on my 2002 RWD Ranger to get at a leaking seal. I talked to one of my friends about doing this and he siad that i would need a special tool to do so. Is this true?
  4. jrpdash9

    no power to 4 wheel drive switch

    my friend has a 2002 ranger ext cab with a 3.0 we replaced the tranfercase motor and the 4 wheel drive module but there is no power getting to the switch. and were all out of ideas. does anybody have any tricks or advice on what to do next? thanks alot
  5. Ranger keys

    I recently purchesed my first ranger (it's a 2002) but it only came with one key. I went to my local ford dealer and they said that it would cost me aproximatly $70-$75 to get and program a second key. Is there anyway that I can get a second key for cheaper?

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