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  1. 84dangerranger

    New member!! From NC

    Hey everyone! Im Nick and i recently received my grandfather’s 84 2.0 5 speed that was left to me. Its a great truck in amazing condition and i plan on throw a bit better motor in it. Someday but for now its a crusier. Im definitely curious to learn more about these year trucks!
  2. 84dangerranger

    2.0L ('83-'88) 2.0 upgrades

    Hey Everyone! So i have a 84 ranger that we passed down from my grandfather, and i’m looking to give the motor a little life, i know the 2.0 is very low hp. Are there any better carbs or upgrades that can be done to give it a little more power, i know id be lucky to get 100hp out of it lol, just...
  3. 2.0 coilovers

    I'm buying the camburg 6.0 kit in a few days and I'm ditching the torsion bars for 2.0 coilovers. I don't know jack about them other than I'd need an 8" shock and the spring length should double the travel so I need 16" springs but my questions are about spring rates, I know I should post this...
  4. Which rear shock should I use?

    here's my current rear setup: flipped stock shackle and hanger with expo leafs and blocks. I don't like it but it's what I have. I have 33's under it so I can't take out the blocks yet cuz it's sitting between 0-1" lift. I've read we can fit a 10" travel shock underneath the bed with stock...
  5. nickoroniper

    Using Crankcase Pressure for forced induction!

    Im running 2.3 roller motor, carb(2100), duraspark. Ive used the same set up for 15yrs.(different motors) At somepoint, my pcv valve hose was moved to a spacer under the carb. I recently rebuilt the carb after 10yrs of questionable reliability, having trouble adjusting my timing, idle, mixture...

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