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1st gen

  1. Joeschiffman

    1987 2.9L to a 1991 4.0L

    I bought an 87 ranger 4x4 with a 2.9 manual and my head gasket went bad the next day😒. The engine already had some blowby and I had another ranger I could buy cheap (also wanted more power) the 91 ranger I bought for the engine is a 2wd with a 4.0 (also manual) me and a buddy have the new engine...
  2. For Sale RARE 1st Gen Second Battery Tray for supplemental driver side battery

    I have what I'm told is a second, supplemental battery tray that came in the early diesels. Back in the day, folks would use them to add a 2nd, driver side battery (first battery was passenger then) to their gas trucks for redundancy. This is just the tray and mounting bolts. You'll have to do...
  3. 09Stang

    Installing AC in a non AC 1st gen ranger? Have a 302/c4 swap

    Hi everyone, I thought I may post on here since I can't find any real in depth knowledge on this subject. My dad and I built an 83 ranger into a race truck. It's got a stock 302 from blueprint, a non AC CVF serpentine kit (with power steering). It has a street built C4 auto from TCI. My dad...
  4. Bird76Mojo

    Just happened across these 1st gen door panels

    Going through my old V8 swap links folder on my PC and came across these interior door panels for the 1st gen Rangers and Bronco II's. I think they'd be pretty nice, especially compared to the crap that LMC truck sells. One would just have to make sure they had the moisture barrier plastic glued...
  5. Bird76Mojo

    1st gen bench seat floor console ideas?

    Does anyone have any ideas or examples of consoles for 1st gen Rangers? Specifically the bench seat models with a manual transmission...? I'd love to see some creative ideas on what people have come up with. I really need at least one decent sized cup holder to carry my sweet tea that's...
  6. Franken5liter

    1988 Mildly sort of rare Shotgun Custom

    Hey All, been awhile since my last login and longer for a post. But skipping the emotional and into the juicy bits. I recently scored what could be a 1 of 1 supposedly done by Kenny Brown sometime back in the late 80’s. My research has turned up zero on him ever building a ranger and haven’t...
  7. Chassis question

    Hi I have an 86 supercab longbed I'm wondering what years of chassis are interchangeable I have been looking to swap mine I suspect it has some bend in it. thanks
  8. Project84

    2.8l Cylinder Head Bolts?

    Hey TRS, I have been looking everywhere for some head bolts for my 2.8l V6 and can't seam to find any. Already tore apart the engine only to find out that no stores here in Amarillo have any traces of the bolts. Need my truck back and running fast! Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  9. 1st Generation Front End Conversion (changing a 92' to 88'- front)

    Hey guys! Wanting to convert my 1992 Ranger to the 1988- Ranger front end style (2nd gen to 1st gen front)**. I know this gets asked a bit for the new body styles, but after some convincing from a few others on TRS forums I decided to post since this question since there is lackluster...
  10. SenorNoob

    '88 2.9 to 4.0 Questions

    I have an 88 Ranger 2.9, 4x4, Manual. I bought an engine from the "Auto Salvage" (Guy there made a point to correct me when I told my mom on the phone that I was at the junkyard.). It was supposed to be for a 92 Explorer. It had a tag that said 94 Ranger. Anyway I do have the 92 Explorer ECU...
  11. kurama49

    suspention question

    Hey everyone. I was curious whats the best bang for the buck I-beam long travel kit? I'll soon have $5000 to play with. and im getting my new "victim" in a week and a half. I would like to get a long travel, but still have a few hundred left over for bulged fenders. Im looking at camburgs...

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