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1999 3.0

  1. Help WIth 99 Ranger Engine

    Hello. I have a 1999 Ford XLT Ranger 3.0 Gas, 170k Miles. I recently overheated and need advice on the issue. The lower hose came loose on the way home and the engine overheated. I put the hose back on correctly, added new coolant and truck started fine so I took it around the block for a...
  2. 1999 3.0

    I was just wounding if Ford made any changes from the 1998 3.0 and the 1999 3.0. I have been looking at different engine parts like underdrive pulleys and headers and exhaust. And most of it says from 1992 thr 1998, when i put in my 1999 most of it says will not fit. Is there some change that...