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1998 ranger

  1. nsoltero21

    98 Ford Ranger Tire Size Question

    Dudes, I just bought the WULF 2.5" Front 2" Rear lift kit. I ordered 31x10.5 tires and 15x8 wheels. I'm thinking 31" is weak shiiii, and about going up to 33". Can I run this? If I can what else do I need to make it work or should I just stick with the 31s? What I got - '98 Ranger XLT 2WD...
  2. Wanted 1998 Ford Ranger Frame Needed

    Hello All, I am in need of a Ranger from for my son's 1998 truck. Anyone have a solid one or know where I can get one?
  3. Possibly bad GEM module

    Hi all, brand new here! I have a 1998 Mazda B3000 that I think the GEM is going bad on from reading the different forum posts from here and elsewhere. The truck's speedometer and the windshield wipers don't work. This has been occurring intermittently pretty much since I got the truck a couple...
  4. From northern Maine

    Hi there, I joined this site to help me complete my motor swap on my 1998 ford ranger XLT rwd 3.0 v6 automatic, I'm only 14 and thats why i need actual advice and going to this site. And no i'm no mommy and daddy fundings for my truck, this is all me, and so far i've been working on my motor...
  5. 1998 ranger wiring help!

    I'm looking for the pin outs of the 42 pin engine to body connector for a 1998 ranger 2.5 and also a 2000 expo 5.0 I've heard I'll need to swap some pins to make them work together and would like to have the info before I pull my truck in to start the swap
  6. LED reverse lights!!!!

    Hey guys, in my Ranger I have 5% window tint in all the back windows. At night time, it's extremely hard to see behind me while I'm backing up. I NEED some really bright reverse lights that will make it safer when I'm backing up. Anybody know exactly what I need? The brighter the better. I'm...
  7. 88 ranger v8 swap

    I want to put a v8 in my 88 ranger but I am not sure what engine I should get an what engine will fit in easily with out much modifying an what transmission should I get with the engine About how much will it cost to rebuild an swap an engine to
  8. 1998 ford ranger 2wd

    hello my name is ricardo I just recently bought a 1998 ford ranger 2wd 5 speed its my first ranger ever an I planning on it being my project truck but its going be a long time kinda project I live in north Dakota so my first issue of course its trying to find some type of locker or lm diff for...
  9. Range98

    Wiring Issues

    I was hoping to start the engine tonight but the battery harness is confusing me. I have the 1997 battery harness and I'm trying to splice it so it will plug into my 1998 ranger. I have the plug but my problem is that the wires aren't the same colors so I have no idea how to splice them...
  10. Help? Can I use a 2x4 engine in a 4x4?

    I have a 1998 4.0 liter 4x4 ohv extended cab Ranger, and need to replace to the engine. I've found a good deal on a 1998 4.0 liter two wheel drive engine and I'm not sure if the 4x4 and 2x4 engines are interchangeable? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  11. will front f150 shocks fit a 98 2wd?

    I recently purchased a 3" coil spacer and shackle lift for my 98 2wd ranger. I bought all new monroe shocks(stock replacements) and lined them up with my motorcraft shocks I took off. The new monroe shocks are about an inch shorter, and I am not sure if they will be long enough with the amount...
  12. Is there a way to calibrate the speedo?

    I am looking at installing 31" tires on my 98 ranger and am wondering if there is a way to calibrate my speedometer for the new tires. Does anybody make a kit for bigger tires?
  13. 1998 Ranger extended brake lines

    Ok so I'm new here but hear me out. I just bought a 1998 ford ranger 4x4 that was previously a one owner car. The previous owner blew a head gasket on the motor causing the antifreeze to ruin the motor. After this the previous owner decided to tear the whole thing down, stripping the old motor...