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1989 ranger

  1. What’s a good and correct body lift kit for a 1989 Ford ranger XLT?

    Hello! I’m interested in lifting my 1989 ford ranger and I have no idea where to start in lifting the body. It’s 2W drive and a manual. XLT body. I’m looking for a 3-6inch body kit for it. What’s some good options for me?
  2. OldMan89

    Can’t figure out my fuel guage

    My truck has a brand new in tank sending unit but my fuel guage doesn’t really work…some times I’ll start it up and BOOM it jumps right up but after about 3 minutes it has slowly made its way back down to empty. Not times it just downst move. I’ve checked connections and fuses but I am coming up...
  3. FlooredCustom

    Rusty Ranger Danger

    Hi fellow Ford enthusiasts, I recently acquired a 1989 Ford Ranger Custom 2.3L 4wd, manual transmission, its a beauty. I knew i had some rust to repair on the body but didn’t know at what point it was dangerous. My clutch and my break booster both let go while I was driving on the highway...
  4. 1989 ford ranger noise

    I need some help figuring out what the noise is coming from my transmission is? i got the truck last year, before i got it ,it had sat in a field for 4 years and did not run . I got it to run and drive , i have replaced the clutch, slave cylinder, and master cylinder, and changed the trans...
  5. Sportrally5

    Ford convert

    Hey all, So I was just getting my Toyota Tacoma SR5 4x4 where I liked it and after 384,000 the head gasket went so while I save for a new engine I picked up a cheap truck challenge 1989 Ford Ranger. The previous owner lifted it and was using it basically for muddling and joyriding in the hills...
  6. Texican65

    Mitsubishi FM 146 lubricant?

    Hi guys! I've got the 5-speed mitsubishi in my '89, had some issues with it over the last 5 years. A few months after I bought the truck in 2011, i had to have the input bearing replaced, and a new 5th gear. I've always run conventional oil, 90w in all my manual trannys, so thats what I used in...

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