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  1. Coogan88

    For Sale Selling my 1988 fully restored V8 Ranger 4x4

    I have decided to sell my full restored 302 and c4 transmission swapped ranger. 302 roller ford crate motor and c4 transmission with b&m shift kit and shifter. 36,xxx miles on total rebuild. Underside is show quality and the paint is in good shape with very minor scratches. Interior is in great...
  2. SvenLaxMan

    1988 stx supercab jump seats

    Hi, im 17 and i just recently purchased a 1988 supercab stx ford ranger and as of right now the two jump seats are missing. I cant find any of the proper model for sale and i was wondering if either someone knew where to buy them or knew a different model of seat that would fit properly?
  3. Missing/removed secondary intake (?) under batter

    I brought home a used 1988 Ranger custom with 70XXX miles. It's missing some piping under the battery. The fella I bought it from said it was part of an emissions system. Should I replace it? What is it? Could it be causing my wandering idle? See attachments.
  4. Stock 88' Radio, static... HELP!!

    Hi, So i bought a 1988 radio. It has a lot of static so I got a new antenna and installed that. The static didn't go away. I figured out that I can turn the volume knob and at one particular spot, the radio clears up. I don't know why this is, can anyone help? Do I need a new stock radio? I...
  5. rough country lift? 88 2wd

    hey yall long story short finally have the time and some money to work on the ranger. i have a 88, 2.9, 2wd. back a while a ago when i was broke i jimmy rigged a lift and put some f150 coils and some shakles on in the back. it lifted it up a good 2 to 3 inches but the camber up front is all...
  6. A/C blowing hot with R-134a charge

    I've got a 1988 Ranger with the 2.9 V6. My problem is that my A/C is blowing hot air, but there is a charge of R-134a in the system (it was converted many years ago and has worked on and off since). The compressor was replaced about 3 years ago and I believe a few other components are new to...
  7. 88rangr

    Need help removing timing gear cover 2.9L V6

    Hello fellow Ranger owners, I am replacing my water pump and while in there, I want to replace the gear and chain set. All the bolts off and balancer off, is there a trick to get the cover off? 1988 Ford Ranger 2.9L V-6 with 230,000 original miles, no rebuild yet! Thanks all! Larry
  8. Recommendations on keeping my fm-145 w/ a 5.0 swap

    I am getting back into my ranger and I need to know if the fm-145 thats in it will hold up over time with a 5.0 infront of it? Thanks,:dunno:
  9. electrical issue

    I left my key on over night. when i went to leave it turned over twice than but started clickin like the battery was dead i charged it than tried to crank it an it just clicked everytime. so i got a new solenoid and still same thing so i tried to jump it of thinking not enough power and my power...
  10. 1988 Ranger Two-Tone Paint Problems

    Hey guys, Maybe you can help me figure out what paint I'm supposed to be looking for. My grandfather passed this truck to me. It actually belonged to both of my grandfathers at one time. I'd like to do some touch up. Here is the info from my door: As you can see my paint codes are listed as...
  11. 88 Ford Ranger

    Hey guys! new member....just posting my truck to get some ideas. Its a 88 ford ranger all stock. 2.9 2wd 5 speed. 88k miles. Things i'm thinking about doing to it: djm 3/4" drop kit projector headlights tinted windows tinted marker lights and tail taillights 2-10's behind the seat It's a...
  12. this user name may change

    1988 ranger plus some 1993 expl.

    at the junk yard i found an explorer(93) with the premium sound, i pulled the whole rear setup (amps + sub) my question is 1. which amp does the speakers, theres a silver one and a black one 2 what is the pin out for above amp (left, right, power) i think the amp for the sub is straight...
  13. 1988 ford range exhaust system

    I have a 1988 ford Ranger automatic A4LD transmission 2.9L v6 engine. I am wanting to upgrade my exhaust system. Preferbly magnaflow or flowmaster or any other high quality name brand that will sound amazing coming out of it. I need to know every part i need to buy to make this happen. I am...
  14. will these fit?

    hey everyone, i have an 88 ranger. will these fit with no problem on my truck? they are off a 1999 mustang gt http://atlanta.craigslist.org/eat/pts/2980769734.html the tire size i currently have is 225 75 15 these new ones are 245 40 17 i know the 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern is the same will the...
  15. 1988 Ford Bronco II - 2.9L Main Engine Harness Schematic

    Was going to wait until i created one big harness based schematic for the chassis/cab/engine wiring but changed my mind tonight....here's my latest creation, the Main Engine Harness (MEH) for my 1988 BII with a 2.9L in it. I still plan on creating the full electrical layout of my truck but it...
  16. 1988 Ford Bronco II Main Cab Harness Diagram

    Since my BII is down and it is too cold to work on it outside, i decided to yank the electrical system out of it & create wiring diagrams for all the harnesses and during this process fix the wiring issues im experiencing. The first one i have completed is the Main Cab Harness (including the...

    35" BFG'S on 88'

    Hey there, thought Id share some pictures of my truck. Right now it's sitting on 17" wheels w/35" tires. Has a 3 inch body lift right now, soon to have a 4" suspension lift to clear the tires! :bawling: (+ trimming if needed) I can't believe I could throw them on with just a 3" body lift lol...
  18. 1988 ranger super 2.9 draining radiator fluid

    All right, this truck has ran like a champ since i bought it. And i think it is upset that i bought a new car. It is leaking radiator fluid out of the back of the motor. I can not see where it is coming from. It is not knocking, smoking, or starting rough. I know it has to be something lose, but...
  19. NEED TRANNY::: it has a mitsu d50 in it

    Well my 1988 ranger 2.9 needs a tranny. right now it has the mitsubishi d50 in it. looking for a upgrade to something a lil better. would like to here i can get a remanufactured one by chance. please send any info to gi728@yahoo.com. thanks Joe
  20. well heres the plan..

    To start I own a 1988 ranger supercab. its lifted 4inches. on 31'' bfgs. i am looking to put a whole list of things into it.... here they are: -motor-- 5.0 302 efi -tranny-- f-150 4 speed w/ od manual - transfercase-- one out of a f-150 (not sure what type) - rear end-- 9in - front end-- dana...

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