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1987 ford ranger

  1. 1987 2.9 won’t start

    New battery , new ignition coil, new fuel pump relay. relay is not turning on so no fuel pump. Checked voltage at relay and high fuel pressure pump , only getting 2.3volts with multimeter. any help would be appreciated on where to go from here , I’ll attach photo of where fuel pump relay...
  2. A4LD Auto trans Issue, Jumping in and out of gear

    Hey i have an 87 ranger with automatic trans with overdrive On the highway it seems to jump in and out of over drive It has a new filter and fresh fluid I figured it was the servos? but you cant even get them from ford anymore Any Help or advice would be awesome!!! love this forum wouldnt...
  3. Lucky'sRangerSusie

    87 Ford Ranger 2.0L sputtering problem HELP!! We've tried everything we can think of!

    I have a 1987 Ford Ranger 2.9L that a few months ago started sputtering and dying when I let off the gas. When I first start it up the truck idles perfectly. Its after I accelerate that the truck starts to sputter and dies if I don't keep my foot on the accelerator. :dunno: What we've tried...
  4. cougarmountain

    my 1987 4x4 with 6x6's

    Hi just joined and have read through the tech section been helping rebuild a 1988 with my neighbour and found this 1987 4x4 2.9L this week so another project it needs driver hub wheel bearing etc... I just got the headlights on well kinda pics to follow. Thanks for all the information I will...

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