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  1. 2.2 perkins tk4d transmission output shaft slip yoke.

    I have been pulling my hair out trying to find a slip yoke for my 1983 with a 2.2 perkins, that has the very hard to find parts transmission tk4d. These were only really built for these trucks in 1983 to 1984 so parts are very hard to find. Any way i found one that fits if you cut off 0.5in so...
  2. Tach install In a 1984 Bronco II

    Title says it .. I want to install a tach in my 1984... Is the Bronco II pre wired for a tach? What’s the easiest way to do this? Thanks
  3. houlimon

    6 inch rear Bilsteins

    Happy day yall. looking into getting some rear shocks for my 84 its sitting on 2 blocks around 5 inches of lift that im not to fond of. i plan to get some chevy 63's and the belltech 6400's in the next month and ditch the blocks. wondering if anyone sticks with bilstein and has a part number for...
  4. neinnein_nein

    1984 Fuel tank and fuel sending unit replacement

    hey guys, I've been trying to fix a bad fuel sending unit on my 1984 2.0L 2wd. Got a 1986 in-tank pump assembly and I believe a 1983 and they are both different from my old one and both don't fit. I read somewhere that even if I could get it to fit physically the sending unit runs on a different...
  5. Transmission Swap?

    Hello, I have a 1984 Ranger with a slipping transmission. My mechanic told me that I need a new one. Given that it's a C3, I was considering a swap with a C5 if possible. I read in a forum post that a C3 to C5 conversion is possible and will fit the truck without any adapters, etc. I'm new to...
  6. 84-87 Swap

    We have an 84 Ranger, the floors are pretty rough, we really need to replace the entire cab. I have found an 87, but a friend of mine said the only one that would fit would be an 83 or 84. Before I buy this cab, I need to know if it will fit. Thanks for your advice.
  7. 84 ranger

    My son has a 84 4x4 ranger that needs the floorpans replaced. We bought the floorpans, but wwe need the floors underneath the seats now. I know this is a dumb question but what is it called? I thought floorpans, but all I can find is the same parts I already have. Thanks for reading this...
  8. New from New River, AZ

    hey I'm new to this site, but not to trucks. I own a first generation all stock except wheels and tires. I recently rebuilt the engine, the 2.8l v6, about 800 miles ago. Bored .30 over stock. Nice fun truck to bomb around in
  9. Automatic Choke

    I had to put my project on hold for several weeks. So many things came up so I couldn't work on it. But I'm almost done!! I got the carb rebuilt, put back on and the engine runs great. However, I am still at a loss about this automatic choke. I cannot tell if it's working or not. I know that...
  10. 1984 Ranger

    To whoever may be able to help: I just bought a truck last week that had some carburetor issues. I’ll give the specs, then state my problem. 1984 Ford Ranger 4x4, 4-speed manual 2.8 liter V6 Carb ID = E37E AEA, 1.08 So here’s the situation. The carburetor was pretty messed up. So I pulled...
  11. 84bluebronco2

    Simplifying my 84 bronco 2.

    The auto choke is long gone. Only parts for that removed were the heater itself and the idle advance equipment. I want to remove all of the spaghetti that I can. What else do you think can be pulled out and keep it as my DD? It's a 1984 B2 2.8 v6 4x4. Manual EVERYTHING! Thanks!
  12. My Bronco II - Engine swap.

    Hey there forum, I am about to undertake a engine swap from a 2.8L '85 bronco II (Automatic) and swap it into a 84 bronco II (standard). If you got and tips or tricks or things I gotta look out for that would be great. Any help would be fantastic and met with great thanks. -Noah.
  13. 84 Ranger - Putting in Stereo System+

    I got an old 84 Ranger off my cousin it had been sitting up a while in his back yard (I think about two years) it still had the factory radio and no one had done any work on it in a while. It looks surprisingly similar to the January 2010 Street Truck of the Month :icon_thumby: (Even the same...

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