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1984 bronco ii

  1. 24in of vacuum at idle too high for the 2.8L?

    I did some research on how to adjust the 2150 carburetor on my 1984 Bronco II using a vacuum gauge. Every where I read, they said 18-20in of vacuum is normal for a healthy V6... I was able to pull 24-25in stable on the gauge while idling at a normal RPM.... is this ok?? I would like to add...
  2. Ford Duraspark II Ignition Module

    Hello folks. I just bought some doors and a fender from a man who gave me the motivation to go with the Duraspark conversion... Well I am not sure where to find the Duraspark II Ignition Module... Does anyone on here have one for sale? I would be happy to buy that and any other Duraspark parts...

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