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  1. Dprocks100

    Jeep Rims on Ford ranger?

    Ok, so im new to the forum, and i have a Question. I have a 1991 2wd Ranger without a lift. I bought some 15x7 jeep rims thinking they would fit and didnt think about the backspacing on them. they have a 5.25 backspacing. Im looking for an aggressive look and was wondering if i would be able to...
  2. 06_FX4

    Are all Ranger stock rims lug centric?

    Along with my 2006 FX4 , I own a 1998 2wd ext cab 4.0L with 190,000 miles. The stock rims on the 98 are 14x6 (225x70x14) and when it came time to replace the tires, I bought a set of 1998 stock 15x7 Ranger rims from craigslist. The new rims came with 225/70/15 tires which were worn out and...

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