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  1. Ace Holliday

    What Are You Listening To???

    One of my top 5 favorite bands! Seen them 3 times.
  2. Ace Holliday

    Ford performance upgrade

    I installed the FPP tune this morning. An easy, straightforward process. It provides a very noticeable increase in acceleration and "pull". Of course that assessment is a "seat of the pants" thing. Shifts feel crisp and at the right time. But my transmission/shifts always felt pretty good to me...
  3. Ace Holliday

    1990 ranger diesel conversion

    What an awesome thread! You have done an amazing job on this. I am a retired Aerospace precision machinist/CNC programmer. 45 years probably qualifies me to almost be called a mechanical engineer. So I can appreciate your craftsmanship and ingenuity. I am going to continue watching!
  4. Ace Holliday

    What Are You Listening To???

    Lacuna Coil
  5. Ace Holliday

    Greetings from South Kalifornikstan

    We have BLM land that is open for shooting. It's does not cost anything. Bee Canyon is 6 miles from my house and Berdoo Canyon is a little over an hour drive. Bee Canyon is closed during high fire hazard conditions though. So far it's open. Was there yesterday. I am a competitive shooter and...
  6. Ace Holliday

    Greetings from South Kalifornikstan

    Thank you Sir. My wife is 5’2” and has had two major spine surgeries. The truck is a bit tall for her and she loves having that step. I am 6’1” but I would LOVE to have an A pillar handle like the passenger side. One of the very few complaints I could list for the truck. Bet Ford saved $3 or $4...
  7. Ace Holliday

    Greetings from South Kalifornikstan

    I live less than two miles from the Soboba Indian Reservation. It is right across the San Jacinto River (dry) from us. Back in the 70's they had a motorcycle off road race. The Soboba Grand Prix. I raced it twice. It certainly was a tough race! They have two or three big Sand Drag events...
  8. Ace Holliday

    Greetings from South Kalifornikstan

    Hey man! Thank you. I live east of Hemet. Right at the bottom of Mt San Jacinto. Although I have lived in several States and places I am a native as well. Born and raised.
  9. Ace Holliday

    Greetings from South Kalifornikstan

    I have had my Ranger for about 6 weeks. Love it! I had a 2007 XLT 4x4 SuperCab 2007/2011 and loved it as well. This time around I did not need 4WD since I no longer live in South Lake Tahoe and any offroading I do is fire roads and decent trails. I was set on buying a Tacoma. Nice truck. Even...
  10. Ace Holliday

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    That's was my first thought. It looks like it would never fit!
  11. Ace Holliday

    Want a nicer radio in this thing

    I do. I also remember upgrading my first car to a Craig 8 Track player. The 60's were a while back.