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  1. SawyerRanger

    ABS kicking in, parking lot speed

    My ABS system has been kicking in when I am making a sharp turn at slow speeds and braking. I've only noticed it when parking. It doesn't seem like a major problem but I have had some close calls because I don't expect it. The ABS works just fine other than this. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. SawyerRanger

    Restoring Old Mustangs

    Anyone here currently restoring or have restored older mustangs (64 1/2-73)? I'm looking into getting into it as a good project to take me through college and have when I'm older. How much do you think you've got invested in it, time and money wise? Glad you did it? etc. Oh, and pics...
  3. SawyerRanger

    Do the rear wheels get powered in 4wd?

    Ok, I know I'm risking a lot asking this (dumb) question, however I figured if I was gonna ask it, you guys would know best. Plus I can hide behind my computer screen if its really dumb. Anyway, I was talking with my girlfriend's stepdad and we were talking about 4wd. He said most likely my...
  4. SawyerRanger

    Stalling after cleaning IAC Valve

    Cleaned the IAC Valve with throttle body cleaner and the MAF sensor with MAF cleaner today. Put it all back together and connected the negative battery cable again, and the truck will not stay running without gas, or it stays around 200rpms.. I decided to clean it after noticing the truck...
  5. SawyerRanger

    Steering Shaking/Loose

    Lately the steering wheel has been very shaky and loose. The truck also moves to the left very badly (probably alignment?). But after I make a turn, the steering wheel does not return to the correct position smoothly, instead it does it in 'jerks'. There's been plenty of new potholes around here...
  6. SawyerRanger

    Parking Brake Gauge Light

    The "BRAKE" light on the dash does not go on when I put the parking brake on. Very rarely will it go on, but then it doesn't happen for a while. I know the light is working in the dash, because when i put the key in the "ON" position, the light illuminates. The brake works well, takes a decent...
  7. SawyerRanger

    Vacuum Lines

    Vacuum Lines cause mysterious shaking? (SOLVED!) How do I find and check the vacuum lines of a 99 OHV 4.0? I think a leaking vacuum line has been causing some recent misfiring, but I really have no idea where to find these things. I've looked at the emissions label and in my Chilton, but I...
  8. SawyerRanger

    Rangers with plows

    Was thinking about this the other day, then I noticed a Ranger in town with a plow on it, so i was just wondering if anyone has attached a plow to their Ranger, or thought about it, and what your opinions are on the 4.0's ability to push snow around. /discuss
  9. SawyerRanger

    Replacing Spark Plugs

    Does anyone have a guide on how to replace/check spark plugs in a 4.0 OHV(1999 model)
  10. SawyerRanger

    Ford front bumpers...

    are made of amazing! I did a bad parking job, i was making a left turn into a parking spot and i was too close to the other guys car (Nissan Altima) and then Boom! Hit his left rear fender/tail lights. For some reason I had lifted it off the ground a little bit :icon_surprised:, when i backed...
  11. SawyerRanger

    Tire developing lumps

    The guy who I bought my ranger from said that sometimes tires on a 4x4 can develop lumps, he didn't really have an explanation for it, he just reccomended rotating the tires and stuff. So the other day I was checking out the treads on my tires and i felt like a lump (you couldn't see it) on the...
  12. SawyerRanger

    Add ons that give a "Monster Truck" appearance

    So the other day at my job I saw a truck that had this on it: I thought it looked pretty neat for the truck (Red Chevy 1500). But the other day I was reading on these forums and saw someone who had a Ranger with one and thought that it looked even better! :icon_thumby: So my question is, what...
  13. SawyerRanger

    Hi from MA

    Hi everyone, been reading on the forums for a few weeks, figured i'd post an introduction. always have loved rangers, ever since my dad bought brand new in '88 (first car/truck i was ever in) and it's come full circle now that i've got one for my first vehicle. here's my cardomain...