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  1. 97ranger4x4

    Drum Brakes, whats needed?

    Hey everyone, So I was talking with my GF dad the other day and I was telling him at 140k miles I still have the original rear drum breaks (at least I havent changed them since I owned the truck at 60K). He looked at me like I was nuts. :shok: I rotate my tires every 5k and always check my...
  2. 97ranger4x4

    No air through vents

    So I went to turn on my AC yesterday and noticed that no air was coming out of my vents, but it was still coming out of my foot vents and window defroster. I tried moving the dial to all of the different positions and I still get no air movement out of the vents. I wonder if something got...
  3. 97ranger4x4

    Beginner Dirt Bike?

    So I have gone riding a few times with friends and with my GF. I have rode the following bikes. Honda CR 80 with a 110 top end 2 stroke(this thing was wicked!) Yamaha TTR 125 4 stroke Honda XR 200 4 stroke Basically I am looking to get my own bike, but as a college student I really dont...
  4. 97ranger4x4


    What happened to him? I am used to seeing his input in several posts. I just checked his status and he hasnt posted in 2 weeks? is he on vacation? without us?:icon_confused:
  5. 97ranger4x4

    Load Testing Fuel Injectors

    I have a couple of questions. I just had the shop diagnose my truck since I couldnt do it myself with the help of my GF stepdad. Basically I had a P0300 random Misfire, P0303 Cyl 3 Misfire, P0305 Cyl 5 misfire, P0174 Bank 2 Lean codes. He said that the injector on Cyl 5 was causing the...
  6. 97ranger4x4

    Aluminum Wheel Polish?

    So one of the ladies at work gave me a bottle of mothers PowerMetal Polish for Aluminum. I have these rims on my truck. Will this work on polishing them up? Thanks. BTW what kind of material do the stock rims consist of? Is it a mixture of metals? Thanks -Keith
  7. 97ranger4x4


    After I got back from my 1700 mile road trip I noticed a hesitation at idle. Well just driving to the store a few min ago it has turned into a misfire. I do not have a CEL and it is not super bad. I guess I will pull the spark plugs when I get home tonight and see if I can find one that...
  8. 97ranger4x4

    Garage etiquette for women

    So a buddy of mine just bought his first place. :icon_cheers: He is big into cars and is in the process of building an el camino. He is both a chevy and ford guy. So he basically has plans to paint the walls, cabinets, work bench, and floor. But we are looking at decorations. I am going...
  9. 97ranger4x4

    Bench Grinder Question

    So I finally got a bench grinder. click me I have a quick question. I see it has a coolant tray, but I am not really sure what its purpose is. can someone inlighten me? :icon_confused: I got a wire wheel for cleaning bolts so I am excited for that. :icon_thumby: Thanks for your help.
  10. 97ranger4x4


    So I know there are dozens of posts on misfires, but I have an unusual case I think. So I drove my truck down to the Bay Area and back this weekend. Which was a little over 300 miles freeway. Basically one full tank, exactly. I put some fuel injector cleaner in before I fueled up on the...
  11. 97ranger4x4

    useing a mechanics stethescope

    So I picked up a cheap stethescope at Harbor Freight last weekend. I know this sounds silly, but exactly what do you use these for? I figured it would come in handy eventually and for $3, I couldn't go wrong. So basically clue me in on the basics of using one of these do hickeys so I can kill...
  12. 97ranger4x4

    Ford Specialty Rotunda tools

    Just curious but as I look throught my service Manuals for my truck it always refers to Rotunda tools by a specific number. Now since I am just competent enought to do basic repairs, their is no need for me to purchase something I will only use once. Unfortunatly, I often do not even know what...
  13. 97ranger4x4

    Oil Leak

    So I just took my truck to the local AAMCO to have them just look at my truck really quick. I have been having a leak for a few weeks now which I thought was coolant because of the smell when it was going onto my exhaust manifold. Well he hooked up the coolant pressure tester and it holds...
  14. 97ranger4x4

    Thread Locker: Blue V. Red

    Just curious but sometimes I notice people talk about using a specific color thread locker. Is one made for certain conditions over the other. Also if you dont mind, what are general uses you use each one for? Because Ill be honest, I really dont know what types of general things I should be...
  15. 97ranger4x4

    Coolant Smoke From where

    I have noticed coolant missing from my overflow tank over the last few weeks. it all started when I cleaned my engine and then all of a sudden I started loosing coolant.:pissedoff: I cant figure out where its going. I can see some smoke coming when I open my hood after it is warmed up. I...
  16. 97ranger4x4

    engine misfire - only at startup

    I washed my engine out with simple green a few weeks ago as well. I used a power washer (on a light setting) and soaked with simple green for 10 min, then rinsed down with power washer. Now after sitting for a period of time (more than 2 hours) it hesitates when starting. Almost like the fuel...
  17. 97ranger4x4

    Starting Hesitation

    Hey Everyone. Last Monday I cleaned my engine with a light power washing spray, and some degreaser. My truck just started hesitating the other day upon startup. It seems like its lacking fuel. Once it starts it purrs just the way it did before. I am wondering if something happened to the fuel...
  18. 97ranger4x4

    Starting Hesitation

    Hey Everyone. My truck just started hesitating the other day upon startup. On Monday I cleaned my engine with a light power washing spray, and some degreaser. Once it starts it purrs just the way it did before. I am wondering if something happened to the fuel pressure regulator. The only...
  19. 97ranger4x4

    overheated, what problems can arise?

    So I had a hose go out on me last thursday. Needless to say I saw my check gauge and was able to get it into a gas station with the needle pegged on Hot. pretty much all of the coolent came out so I was able to fix it and replaced the hose. Truck seems to run fine and doesnt feel like its...
  20. 97ranger4x4

    Looking at a passanger car, any help?

    Hey everyone, In the next yearish I will be looking at getting a new car. I am currently looking at a Mazda 6, Nissan Altima, VW Passat, Honda Accord, & Toyota camery. I am looking for a pretty base car, something with a 4cyl and a stick shift. I really like the looks of the passat the best...