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  1. dhdaniel

    Navigation & Sirius question

    Hello guys, This maybe a dumb question, I just dont know. Will the Navigation system still work if I have my Sirius XM turned off? Is it powered by satellite or by the Onboard Wfi? I'd like to keep it. Wife uses it alot. This gets confusing Thanks Dave
  2. dhdaniel

    another odd recall

    Today on my Ford Pass app I get this FSA Information FSA Title Owners Manual Engine Idle Shutdown Callout Missing Field Service Action number 20L03 thats it. Seems odd to me Dave
  3. dhdaniel

    Cabin Filter

    Anybody changed there's yet? I just watched the Youtube video. Its looks very simple. I see O'reillys has a Wix available for 18.99 #WP10410 My experience on the Texas Gulf Coast with our constant High Humidity and allergens these filters get funky real quick. I went 1 year on the F150. and it...
  4. dhdaniel

    Ford Owner Website issues

    I've been trying for some time to get into the owner.ford.com with No success. Its normally a good site to keep up with recalls and maintenance and other good stuff. I'm trying to understand how to get the Waze app installed. Thanks Dave
  5. dhdaniel

    30 Day Mini review on New Ranger

    Had this truck about a month now. Thought I would mention a few things. Gas mileage is great. 75 mile round trip to work. Mileage is consistantly 24.5 to 25. The dashboard readout is 26. 5. I know the AFE Bias can be adjusted but not really needed. I had all windows tinted as dark as possible...
  6. dhdaniel

    Ford Extended warranty Best prices

    I know Zeigler Ford has a good website and good pricing for ESP's Any others? I'm ready to purchase one. Dave
  7. dhdaniel

    First review of my 2019

    Good morning, I thought I'd mention my initial findings on my new Ranger, Don't take these as complaints. Just my realizations Understand that I am comparing this to my 2019 Ford Explorer Limited, with the same 2.3 Ecoboost Negatives : Engine is loud on startup. Obviously this is due to the...
  8. dhdaniel

    Getting another Ranger, GOT IT TODAY!

    Hello folks, been a while since I was here, I traded my tired 2006 Ranger in on a 2017 F150 STX, which is a fine truck but, time for a change. Anyway went back to my same dealer yesterday and drove the Ranger Lariat FX4, I really liked the ride quality, smoother than my F150, The interior was...
  9. dhdaniel

    Identify my trans 5 speed manual

    I'm trying to ID my 5 speed manual in my 2006 2.3l The door sticker has a trans code of "R" appreciate the help Dave
  10. dhdaniel

    coil gone bad? picture attached

    I went out and gave my 2.3 a close look, trying to diagnose a miss Looking at the factory original coil I found a massive crack across the front you can see it in the picture, I assume this could be my problem? Hopefully it will run for a bit longer, till I can afford the $80 coil thanks for...
  11. dhdaniel

    Need help diagnosing misfire

    My 2006 2.3 is ailing, I need help please! It starts & idles just fine, Runs up thru the gears just fine, Seems that when I apply heavier throttle in the higher gears, it wants to mis,spit, sputter what ever you want to call it. I can acheive 60-70 mph if I do it slowly. At 60, in 5th if I...
  12. dhdaniel

    double din install in a 2006

    I have a single din JVC that I want to replace with a Double din touchscreen unit. ON the Crutchfeild site the unit I want $399 comes with some type of adapter bracket. With a warning that you can never go back to a stock radio. I dont even have a stock radio. So how does this mount work...
  13. dhdaniel

    Rear brake shoes What Size?

    gotta get new shoes this morning, They show 2 sizes of shoes on my 2006 2.3L manual trans Any ideas? thanks Dave
  14. dhdaniel

    3rd brake light leaks water

    Looking for any suggestions, Water is leaking in, headliner is soaked right there in the middle where the light mounts appreciate any help thanks Dave
  15. dhdaniel

    thermostat problem 2.3 4cyl

    Today was my planned maintenance on my 2006, Replaced hoses, belt, water pump, and thermostat Only Stat that Oreillys had was the 180, I think the factory is a 195 Went ahead and put it on, had to get it running. Will this temp change cause any problems? My scan gauge usually stays in the...
  16. dhdaniel

    2006 Injector replacement

    My motor is starting to miss occasionally, fuel economy has dropped a bit, Mileage is 101000. Still runs fine and No check engine lights. I'd like to go ahead and change the yellow injectors. Looking for any advice & tips on the process. like how to disconnect the fuel line at the rail, I am...
  17. dhdaniel

    Name this Part!

    On my 2006, down below the brake master cylinder, there is a black plastic device with small green screw on cap facing forward, On the back there is a electrical pigtail, and 2 hoses coming from the main portion, 1 goes to the top of the air box, on top of engine, Vacuum line I think, or Vent...
  18. dhdaniel

    '06 Hard going into 1st & 2nd

    My 06, 5 speed has recently started getting a bit hard to go into 1st & 2nd the Mileage is about 56000, Could it be the Oil? I should probably change the grease , what is the best Lube? The little clutch cylinder up on the fender well,is very tight, or stuck If I keep trying it feels like it...
  19. dhdaniel

    Need VSS wire on 2006

    Installing cruise control, I desperatly need help locating the VSS wire, Supposedly its in this connection harness ECM? according to the documents it says a 2006 ranger VSS is located 3 CONNECTOR ECM MIDDLE CONNECTOR POSITION 1 Purple/RED I don't see any 3 connector ECMS, nor any Purple Red...
  20. dhdaniel

    Need a New Emblem

    Wheres the best place to order a new Blue Oval 9" x 3-1/2" ? for the front grill on my 2006 found 1 new on Ebay $49 LMC price is $54 I am sure Dealer is higher price mine has started getting air bubbles under the top skin appears to be laminated Thanks Dave