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  1. fixing_franklin

    2.5L ('98-'01) 80-75 PSI on all Cylinders (is this bad?)

    So I took my truck to go get the plugs, wires, and coils changed out and I asked if he could a compression test. I went to go pick up my truck and he said that all the cylinders were showing between 75-80 PSI. I said that sounds pretty low, he said that it's pretty common in older engines to...
  2. fixing_franklin

    Calling out to all Ranger experts (Bucket Seats in Regular Cab)

    I've been doing some research and honestly I'm confused and fed up with unclear results. I have a 1998 Ranger regular cab. I recently bought buckets and console out of a 2000 Explorer. I tried swapping the tracks, and the tracks were too narrow, when tack welded, they sat too high and close to...
  3. fixing_franklin

    Explorer Center Console in 1998 Ranger (Single Cab)

    So I want to put this center console in, I got an awesome deal on a full length center console out of a 2000 Explorer and Buckets for $50, I have all the hardware and I plan on swapping the seat tracks for the buckets from the 60/40 seats. I want to know, how did you guys install your center...
  4. fixing_franklin

    M5OD-R1 advice

    I've got a 98 2.5l w/ manual 5 speed with 260,000 miles. I've been noticing a weird ticking, I thought to myself that it could be the lifters ticking. So I replaced the oil and the ticking continued. Well one morning I start it up and hear this noise again, when I pressed the clutch pedal down...
  5. fixing_franklin

    Rear Axle Code F7 swap on a 2.5l

    Has anyone put a LS 7.5/4.10 rear end on a 2wd 2.5 w/ manual trans. I'm not terribly concerned with gas mileage. I just want to know if anyone has done this, what do I have to do in order to swap them, different drivetrain? Any noticeable difference from the 7.5/3.73, good?bad? aside from the...
  6. fixing_franklin

    I Made a 2.5l Sound Like it's Screaming America

    So I've been a little busy with this truck, but one of the best things I did to this thing was simple and about anyone can do it. What was on the truck Essentially the truck had the stock 2 or 2.25 pipe exhaust on it, until I actually got under there and realized somebody deleted the cat...
  7. fixing_franklin

    Exhaust on a 2.5L

    I got the 240 code and I haven't checked my EGR yet, I will I promise lol. I want an excuse to do my exhaust, this seems like a good one. Deleting the cat all together, can I just run the upstream O2 (the sensor that determines A/F mixture) in the same spot or do I need to relocate it. Do I need...
  8. fixing_franklin

    Dome Light Compatibility

    My dome light looks like the following in a 98 ranger, I stole this image off the internet. Now I'm not about to spend 60-150$ on a new one because my plastic mounting holes chipped. What years and models can I get a dome light that'll be easy to get a hold of, and not too expensive.
  9. fixing_franklin

    My brain hurts

    Someone explain to me why I forget to plug in the IAC and my truck sounds healthier, brand new IAC. I am lost for words and I want someone to tell me it's better to leave it unplugged, because when it's plugged in my idle stick like crazy
  10. fixing_franklin

    Friction Modifier In P/S

    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried putting friction modifier in any ford power steering, it makes sense to me but I want to know if someone tried this and it works
  11. fixing_franklin

    Anti-Diesel Screw

    So I've put myself in a pickle, when I first got the truck it had a very low idle, and like any guy who owns an old classic, I adjust the idle.....I'm sure most of you are going "come on!" But I got the truck to run alright for a little bit, but then I found out about the IAC, I replaced that...
  12. fixing_franklin

    Please Help Me Ranger Experts

    Hey guys, so I've got this 1998 Ranger with the 2.5I and 5 speed manual. I've got a problem, my A/C works just fine, but when I turn it on, my idle revs up or sticks. I know the voltage reg. is out or if the ground is just bad on the alternator, so I'm hoping on solving that this weekend. I've...
  13. fixing_franklin

    New to the Ranger Station and I gotta say I love it!

    Hey guys, I'm glad to join this forum I intend on doing some awesome stuff to my newly bought old 98 ranger xlt. She's a Standard Cab; Flareside; 2.5I; 5 speed manual and get this....I paid $150 for her and shes certainly a rescue I'm glad I stepped into. She has a few issues but nothing I can't...