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  1. Warren

    What kind of rear axle do I have?

    Hey guys! Was thinking about installing the air-locker from Stage3Motorsports on my 2wd Lariat. I recently went on my first offroad trail run with some 4wd buddies and.... I'm in love. I don't want to trade in my truck on a 4wd Ranger so I'll do the next best thing and make mine a bit more...
  2. Warren

    Picked up a 95 ranger today with weird options for an xlt

    Nice! Yeah. Those look like Explorer seats. Definitely an Explorer center console, if I'm not mistaken.
  3. Warren

    hows everyones "quarantine" going?

    No significant change for my family, really. I was working in Retail Sourcing until January. My employer wanted all their manufacturing done in China so my day-to-day was in Zhejiang and Guandong. Kept hearing whispers of a "severe pneumonia" spreading back in December and early January but...
  4. Warren


    Mine has it. I enjoy the sound, honestly. It ain't obtrusive and doesn't sound like a video game car.
  5. Warren


    That and noise ordinance laws in the more populated regions.
  6. Warren


    Have any of you guys installed an aftermarket exhaust yet? I've been eyeballing the magnaflow (more mellow, less of a drone) but I'm curious to know what the forum thinks about the exhausts available. Anyone have any sound clips?
  7. Warren

    Finally got back in a Ranger

    Hi folks! Way back when I had me a 2000 Single Cab XLT Flareside. Loved that truck. Then, I bought an 88 Single Cab Longbed with a 302ci in her. Loved that truck, too. But soon I got distracted by building classic VW's and then the economy tanked. No body wanted customized Bugs anymore and...
  8. Warren

    Ford Pass

    The only thing that makes me slightly curious about activating FordPass in mine is the idea that maaaaaaybe Ford can update the Sync system to react a bit quicker. But that's a BIG slightly. Thanks for the link.
  9. Warren

    Running Boards

    Very nice!! I need to get some soon.