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  1. What is this?

    Over on the Ranger 5g site there is an ex-Ford VP who has lots of stories. One about the jack is that they were designed for 25 lifetime uses, so you should keep that in mind. I never use mine, unless it's an actual emergency, I have a nice floor jack and a hi-lift if I need it.
  2. Did you get your stimulus check?

    I haven’t seen one and probably won’t, despite getting laid off this year. I also don’t use ATMs and I have no cards that link to my checking account. After having my friends number stolen and their account drained I switched to credit cards that I just pay off each month. If I need cash I go...
  3. Ceramic paint coating?

    Don't you have a manual transmission to hunt down? You're killing me here.
  4. Ceramic paint coating?

    What, plastidip? I haven't looked into it. My wife might leave me if I do.
  5. Ceramic paint coating?

    I've considered that, I'm just lazy and don't want to do the work.
  6. FX-4 or not?

    I didn’t do that this year, I got my 19 in January, but I plan on doing it before next winter.
  7. FX-4 or not?

    Right, but like I said, the fx2 skid plates are junk. They aren’t the same as the fx4.
  8. FX-4 or not?

    The skid plates on that are junk and are just for show
  9. FX-4 or not?

    I wanted the tow package and the locking diff. They gave me the fx4 package for $260 more. Since I wanted skid plates anyway it was worth it for me.
  10. Over The River Or Through The Woods, Ford Ranger Breadcrumbs Tech Helps You Find Your Way Back...

    GPS and Phone maps only work if you’ve downloaded the maps before you lose service.
  11. 2019 Ranger Ecoboost Oil Change Interval

    I was forced to sell my 03 Ranger in 05 after buying it new. The guy buying it said it was in better shape than the new 05 he looked at. Maintenance is the way to go.
  12. I bought a High Rider...

    That is the dream truck I never got.
  13. 2019 Ranger Ecoboost Oil Change Interval

    I wonder if the catch can is contributing to that. I haven’t checked my oil yet.
  14. Earlier Ranger topper fit on later?

    I was picturing the opposite of that, my bad.
  15. swap with a 289

    So theoretically could someone swap a Windsor into one of these manual transmission F150s and keep the manual?
  16. Earlier Ranger topper fit on later?

    Well, where’s the picture?
  17. LED taillights on the XLT?

    This is literally the only reason I have a new Ranger and not another Sport Trac or a mid-90’s Bronco.
  18. 2.3 ecoBoost 4x4 M/T Shopping list

    My FIL had a Wrangler, that extra long two door they used to make. Electronic clutch, you couldn’t push start it. He hated it.
  19. 2.3 ecoBoost 4x4 M/T Shopping list

    That’s just someone putting it into drive! :)