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  1. Raise cab to do flywheel?

    When I replaced the tranny, clutch, clutch slave & master in my 2004 Ranger 2wd the shop that surfaced the flywheel didn't use the right machine. The clutch shudders when I let out the pedal. I'm thinking of this time of unbolting and raising the cab to make it easier to get at the bolts...
  2. 2009: 3.73 to 4.10 speedo off

    My brother and I swapped out the stock 3.73 7.5 axle out of my 2009 Ranger 2wd 2.3 5 speed regular cab and installed a 4.10 7.5 axle out of a 2006 Ranger 2wd supercab that had 2,600 miles on it when it was totalled. Now my speedo reads 67-68 mph when I'm going 60 and the odometer reads 11 miles...
  3. 09 2wd bearings & rotors?

    I am installing new front bearings and rotors on my 09 2wd 2.3 Ranger. It has ABS and I have done a lot of work on other Ford trucks. Is there anything different on it than older 80s F150s that I have owned?
  4. Years for TPMS?

    My 2009 has the TPMS system in the silver painted 7 spoke wheels. My 2004 doesn't have them to the best of my knowledge. 2-1/2 weeks ago I bought a set of four 2002 7 spoke silver wheels with tires on them for $50. All tires hold air and two of them have useable tread. Last Monday I got for...
  5. 09 remove right seat?

    I have a 2009 regular cab base plain Ranger. I almost never have a passenger and I deliver pizza. I need more room in the cab. Is there a way to remove the right side of the split bench seat in my truck and still keep the drivers side of it?
  6. Accory lights, where do I tap in to wiring?

    I'm adding a couple of flood lights to the bed area of my 09 Ranger. Is it easy to tap into the fuse box with a circuit for the lights or should I start somewhere else? My truck is a plain jane 2 wheel drive.
  7. 2.3 5 speed 09 towing?

    The towing capacity I see in the Ranger brochures for my 09 2.3 5 speed manual Ranger seem very low. It is all stock with 39,000 miles, longbed, 3.73 ratio axle and a factory class 3 frame hitch. It does have the smaller 9" rear drums instead of the 10" drums. I want to tow a trailer for when I...
  8. Fault found in 09 Ranger heater design

    Yesterday I replaced the blend door motor on my 09 Ranger. With the old motor out and the fan off,, and with my skinny fingers I was able to turn the blend door by turning the very top of the door mechanism. I could feel it turn and felt/heard it reach both ends of its sweep. I took the new...
  9. Temperature knob doesn't work 09 2wd

    When I turn the temperature control knob it changes nothing. I carry a lot of tools inside of the truck. Could they bump up against anything to effect this? It is in my 2009 2wd 2.3 with manual tranny and A.C.
  10. Ranger LB trailer, what frames fit?

    A gal at work backed into the RR corner of my 09 Ranger white longbox. I got a $1239 check from her insurance co and bought another 08 white longbox at a nearby salvage yard. I can still get the original panel fairly straight but will put the replacement box on my 09. I would like to find...
  11. Ranger with 2 cabs, back to back?

    Might be over 10 years ago on the web I saw a picture of an older Ranger used by a pizza delivery company somewhere in the US. I think it was red. They had removed the bed and installed in place of it a 2nd Ranger cab facing the other direction. It looked interesting. If I had more time and...
  12. ?Ranger fleets who take off boxes?

    Does anyone know which companies that bought fleets of Rangers took off the new boxes and sold them? A co-worker backed into my 09 Ranger white longbeds box and dented it well. One estimate I got was $1950. The other was $1200 and higher if they can't pull out the dent.
  13. What Mustang wheels fit 09 2wd without spacers?

    Which 94 to 04 Mustang wheels will fit my 2009 Ranger 2wd? It is stock, not lowered, not lifted. I'm not interested in any of the V6 15" or 16" wheels.
  14. Radio years interchange 04 & 09?

    Does anyone know what years of Radios interchange with my 04 and 09 Rangers? I put an aftermarket CD player into my 04 Ranger after wiring an adaptor. Will it swap in easy to my 09 Ranger?
  15. ? Newest Ranger model?

    Whats the newest Ranger plastic model kit made?
  16. Ranger gathering St.Paul plant December 16th

    Does anyone want to venture to St.Paul for the last day of production on friday December 16th? I have not been to the plant but drove by once over 10 years ago. The last plant tour was on December 1st so you won't get any plant tours. I do know there is tight security there. If we can't park in...
  17. Rear disc conversion into 04?

    My 04 2.3 2wd truck has 133,000. The driveshaft turns (play) at least 1/6 of a turn if not more. It has 3.73 gears. I have considered swapping to a 4.10 rear with disc brakes. Do the 10 & 11 models with disc brakes have a different master cylinder or any other different brake parts?
  18. I now have twins

    Today I bought a white 2009 Ranger 2.3 4 cylinder 5 speed manual, 2wd longbed regular cab, with a.c. and 60/40 bench seats. It was a one owner used and has 2,410 miles. I got it for $12,600. It is identical to my 2004 Ranger in everything accept grill, bumper & mirrors.
  19. Buying a closeout new Ranger?

    I'm planning to payoff my 04 one year early this summer. I'm hoping to qualify for a new Ranger. #1 choice new supercab 2.3 5 speed manual with a.c. #2 choice new regular cab longbed 2.3 5 speed manual with a.c. through a fleet dealer. Does anyone know the last month they will be made? Can...
  20. 04 hydraulic clutch questions

    My 2004 2.3 5 speed manual has a leaking hydraulic clutch and the tranny makes noise now and then. I bought another 5 speed from a yard. It was out of an 09 with 1,500 miles on it. The clutch slave cylinder came with the tranny. Local auto parts stores say the hydraulic clutch system is...