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  1. kunar

    High Ride Option

    Yes, that's a ranger edge https://www.therangerstation.com/articles/ford-ranger-edge-2001-2005/ https://www.therangerstation.com/forums/index.php?threads/what-is-the-edge-package.11073/
  2. kunar

    Neat little truck with bonus quiz

    Not in a 2nd gen, pretty sure the hybrid didnt start till '93
  3. kunar

    Adding oil to M5OD

    Yes, you can. Much easier that way
  4. kunar

    Problems with lack of power

    If i were a gambling man, i'd wager your cam timing is a tooth or two off. Have you been able to check compression?
  5. kunar

    Windshield chip kits

    i used the permatex kit on a small rock ship a few months ago. i just followed the directions and it seems to have worked fine. there's still a small visible imperfection but it appears to be filled/sealed.
  6. kunar

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    Found a little bit of free time last weekend to start getting all the crap stripped off and test fitting some new stuff. Broke 3 bolts off in the heads, so i had to take some time to remove them, fortunately they all came out pretty easily. I test fit the new transmission with the 5.8 clutch and...
  7. kunar

    Can USB cords be spliced?

    i think id try putting a new connector on it before id try splicing the cable its self link
  8. kunar

    5 Star Tuning

    FWIW, i used 5 star to tune my ecoboost explorer. They did about 6 revisions where i'd load a tune, datalog a few pulls and send it back. After they revised and sent it back to me, i'd repeat the process. I'm very happy with the tune and the gains, but their customer service was a little...
  9. kunar

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    It's sitting on a tire, a big fat drag slick, so it does kinda look like a monster. I guess there's only one way to find out if it fits though
  10. kunar

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    Parts are starting to come in, ive placed several orders over the past week or so and have gotten probably half of it. Fedex kinda screwed me, they have a rockauto shipment that was supposed to be delivered saturday but i think they lost it. I saw the truck pull up in front of the house while i...
  11. kunar

    Normal amount of lumber to find when digging a hole?

    I know a guy that tore an old deck off the back of his house and burried it in a hole in the back of his property. Kinda sounds like what youre dealing with here... You hit water on that one but not the other ones?
  12. kunar

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    Yeah, its a nice little truck for the price i paid. Even though it's got it's quirks, I'm really happy with it. I forgot how much fun these littls 1st gens are. I never owned a 2wd ranger, i always figured if i was gonna have a truck it might as well be 4x4. Well now I'm spoiled with my awd...
  13. kunar

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    probably throw it on the top of the pile of other 2.3t crap in my garage *shrugs shoulders*
  14. kunar

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    I drive it around town here and there. I took the exhaust all apart, got a wideband installed and spent some time trying to tune it a little better. Its still rich as hell and burns oil pretty bad. I've figured out how much of a basket case the current drivetrain is and how little sense it makes...
  15. kunar

    Explorer / mountaineer AWD transfer case?

    The 4404 is the full time viscous unit that was used behind the 5.0's. They're the full size bolt pattern like scott said above. The 4405 is the part time unit that was used behind 4.0's, theyre the one that stand a chance of bolting up to your trans. Not sure how they are controlled though, i...
  16. kunar

    2.9L V6 Engine enhancements

    First two things i would do (forgive me if the'yve already been mentioned) is check compression and check ignition timing. If the cam was timed improperly, the engine will run decent but lack compression and be sluggish all round. If the ignition timing is set wrong, same deal, could run nice...
  17. kunar

    Ranger spotted: Letterkenny

    I thought the federal mandate for the 3rd brake light was in the late 80's but i just read it wasnt till 94 for trucks. Interesting
  18. kunar

    Ranger spotted: Letterkenny

    Good lookin little first gen! Must be like 84-85 since there's no 3rd brake light or cargo light. Season 8, episode 7, about 17 mins in.
  19. kunar

    2019 Ranger Ecoboost Oil Change Interval

    I run full synthetic in my explorer (3.5 ecoboost) and change every 6k miles. Sent a 5k mile sample to blackstone for used oil analysis and they said it looked great and could extend to 6k miles. I've actually got another sample to send in, thanks for the reminder :) If you want actual data...