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  1. seat belt light on dash

    2019 Ranger XLT crew cab FX4. My seat belt light on the dash stays on. Anyone else run into this , or is there something i'm not seeing.
  2. How do you find what off set wheel you need .

    All ready have rough country 2.5 leveling kit. But for wider tires how do you figure the amount of off set you will need for the tire you chose. Never have used spacers not to sure about them. I won't my truck to be safe. Would you trust the tire store to know, most of them seem to just won't to...
  3. 2019 Ranger Ecoboost Oil Change Interval

    My 2019 i got it in March and it's what 9 months old . I bought the three year oil change, i called about a oil change other day and they say they won't change it till 5,000 miles . I only have 643 miles on it . What about the age of the oil.
  4. Midas

    From what i have read on here and some other places even with 2 1/2 lift all you can safely go is like LT265/70r17 . He's talking 33's same lift , am i missing something.
  5. Midas

    Just like some thoughts on wheel spacers. I was at Midas the other day getting oil change and there was a guy there with a new ranger. I heard him say he had Rough Country 2 1/2 lift and some 2" wheel spacers on order and he was going to put wider and taller tires on his new ranger, like maybe...
  6. vapor lock

    Am getting my 1978 full size bronco up and running. It has the oem 351m and C6 in it. Driving it around today did real good till it got warmed good. run ok at low rpm but speed up some it would cut out like running out of fuel, i think it's vapor locking. Had a 79 F-150 with 351c do this years...
  7. warranty on 2019

    Did some research here on warranty on my new Ranger. Found out there is a company here called Rock-n S accessories. Is owned by the Ford dealer and if you buy your accessories witch are from ford and let them install them the dealer will warranty all parts and labor. They installed my Rough...
  8. 2019 Ford Ranger - Rough Country 2.5-Inch Leveling Kit

    Under stand that, it was nice of them to do that for him and the TRS . Thanks guys
  9. 2019 Ford Ranger - Rough Country 2.5-Inch Leveling Kit

    Thanks been watching some of his videos looks like a blast. Does Jim have a lift on his ranger also.
  10. 2019 Ford Ranger - Rough Country 2.5-Inch Leveling Kit

    I had the 2.5 rough country lift installed on my new ranger. I like the way it rides so far haven't been off road any yet. I would like to keep the factory wheels and go bigger tires not sure what would be the right size with out all the off set wheels and all.
  11. warranty on 2019

    I already have rough country leveling kit. A little larger tire like maybe 33's. Exhaust system been looking at borla cat back. And of course bumpers and some lights. I think i'm going to go with a remote control lights set up don't won't to run wires through the fire wall or drill holes for...
  12. warranty on 2019

    I have had a couple people say you have to be careful about up grades on the new 2019. That Ford can void your warranty if they won't. Would that just be your dealer, i could see this if you miss with the engine or computer. I bought the five year bumper to bumper warranty. Don't won't to miss...
  13. Are You Going To Preorder Or Purchase A New Ford Ranger?

    I had the dealer call me when they got some Rangers in, but they didn't have a blue one. Test drove a white one XLT loaded, had to wait a couple of weeks till they got a blue one in.They called me as soon as it was unloaded, it was dirty as hell. XLT with everything but leather seats. Test drove...
  14. 4x4 light

    Have 1978 full size bronco, 351m & c6. Research tells me it's a full time four wheel drive. No locking hubs on front and shift pattern says it's NP203. It has a little blue light bottom of dash that is suppose to come on when in Lo Loc and when in HI Loc. where is the switch or sensor for this...
  15. used ECM

    I need the PCM for sure
  16. used ECM

    on my 1999 4x4 ranger 3.0L manual trans. If i replace my ECM with one from salvage yard with same part number. Will it work or will it have to be reprogram. Don't have elec. door locks or elec. windows. Also replaced vacuum hub with manual hubs. Thanks
  17. PO141 and PO136

    1999 4x4 3.0L ranger, i have been dealing with a PO141 for a while now. I replaced 02 sensor after cat, i ohms tested the old one no resistance. The new one a bosch with around 3.4 or so, thought it was ok. but it's back and has the PO136 also. I had key on and got under it and with a test light...
  18. Serial / number

    1978 ford bronco, serial number tag is missing off door. Been sitting in storage for around 10 years. Having problems coming up with a title for it. Does ford put the serial number anywhere else on the body or on the frame. The guy i got it from don't know anything about it. Thanks
  19. underdrive

    looking for a set of underdrive pulleys for my 1999 4x4 3.0L v6 Ranger. In Odessa Texas-79763
  20. Door ajar

    Getting my butt kicked on a 2000 ford excursion. Working on my bosses excursion, replaced axle seals in front axle,and replaced all four door locks actuators. Was roar testing it and the door ajar light and dome lights came on. So i had no luck with wd-40, i pulled all six switches. One in each...