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  1. 240cubes

    37" iroks

    im trading a few things ive had taking up space in the garage for a set of 37x14x17 iroks for a prokect in the works first off im just looking for general feedback. ive searched and everyone has an opinion but id like to hear from people who are actually running them. also ive heard through...
  2. 240cubes

    this one's a definate keeper!

    so i went to see my girlfriend today and she told me that she was gonna give me my x-mas present early so she brought me out into the garage and there was a brand spankin new set of tires for my dd! :yahoo: 5 new 31x10.50x15 cooper discoverer stt's needless to say, im extremely happy...
  3. 240cubes


    i have a chance to get front and rear axles out of a running and driving '92 f-250 4x4. the seller said they are the stock axles and that they are d60's front and rear. is this correct? thanks
  4. 240cubes

    How much extension?

    this is for anyone who has fabbed their own radius arms or who has extended the stock ones. how much should they be extended or how much longer should they be from the stock radius arms for a 4ish inch lift? pics if you have any please thanks
  5. 240cubes

    bw1350 problem

    so heres the skinny, i went through some trails last night in my b2 ('88 2.9 5spd manual 1350) that i should have not been in haha. anyway my night ended early due to some stupid issue that i dont even want to get started on but anyway when i put it on the trailer to get it home today i noticed...
  6. 240cubes

    hard shifting M50D

    my DD is a '00 xlt 4x4 4.0 5spd, im having some tranny issues as of late. i seem to remember the same thing happening last year as well. it seems to me that as the colder months start creeping in upon us (live in Ne CT) my tranny starts shifting very hard, especially neutral to first and first...
  7. 240cubes

    do i need extended radius arms now?

    right now my '88 b2 has a ghetto 2 inch lift (shackles and spacers) with a good deal of fender trimming and im running 33's on a 15x10 with a 4inch b.s. do i need extended radius arms now? i know it'll help ALOT but when the funds allow im gonna do a 4 inch lift. are there any companies that...
  8. 240cubes

    camber problem

    while im rebuilding my 8.8 and d35 waiting for the lockers, gears and funds for the 4inch lift im just gonna throw belltech shackles on and the f-150 spacers in the front. its an '88 b2 with 33's and 15x10's right now with no lift. just curious about how bad its gonna destroy my alignment
  9. 240cubes

    33's 2 inch lift?

    just wondering if anyone out there is running 33's on a second gen bronco or ranger with only 2 inches of lift, whether there is fender trimming or not. i was just curious to see what this would look like...
  10. 240cubes

    worn out thrust washers?

    i was informed this morning by the kid i bought the d35 off of that about 20k miles before he stopped running the truck he kept having issues with the thrust washers wearing out every few thousand miles. he said he didnt know why but he did mention that at one point he had put a new spindle on...
  11. 240cubes

    lift swap? input needed!

    i have an '88 b2 that im very anxious to start building up, i have a brand new set 0f 33x13.50 ltb's on soft 8's a 31 slpine expo rear (out of a '97) and some other mods waiting to go in, also im trying to aquire a d35. but my question is how much of the lift compnents will be compatable from a...