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  1. brendank

    Autoenginuity Scan Tool

    Autoenginuity scantool for sale, has enhanced package for Ford, Lincoln, GM, Chev, Dodge, Chrysler, and BMW. Over $1000 USD original price for the tools and extra packages. This tool can do tons of stuff, reprogram keys, bleed abs brakes, cranks sensor relearned, etc. Can read data from a...
  2. brendank

    We could really use some help from TRS!

    Hello everyone, First, I’d like to explain the situation that myself and other local 4x4 enthusiasts have been forced into. In Saskatchewan, our vehicle insurance and registration is handled by a crown corporation called SGI. Since they are controlled by the government, they can effectively...
  3. brendank

    Master cylinder pushrod

    Ok, so I have a funny story. Funny for you, but not very funny for me. So I'm driving downtown yesterday, and just as I press in the clutch, I hear a loud snap, and the clutch goes to the floor. First thing to go through my mind is the disgusting task that is bleeding this stupid system. I...
  4. brendank


    I'd like to buy a camper type trailer to put at the lake over the summer, and I'm wondering what the biggest my truck can handle is. I was thinking something slightly under 20', and it will be late 70's early 80's. Maybe something like this: I have no idea what something like this would...
  5. brendank

    Brake lines

    Just an addition for the "Replacement Extended Rubber Lines" article. The extension line is 13" long. A stock 1991 F-350 line is 21.5" long. Once pieces together, the line is roughly 34" long. The F-350 and ranger lines use the same thread and mount to the caliper in the same way. It would...
  6. brendank

    M5R1 Question

    I broke what I would call the output shaft on my 4x4 M5R1 in my 93 Ranger. Just to be clear, it's the splined shaft that mates to the female portion of the t-case. From the tech library, it appears to be #17, the mainshaft. I have a few questions: 1) It appears from the part descriptions...
  7. brendank

    summer pictures

    I was just digging around on my computer and I found some pictures that I took this summer from my job in northern Alberta. This is the rig that I ran almost all summer, 15 hr days. Damn nodwell was a blast to operate.
  8. brendank

    D60 and 14b build

    I've been working alot lately on my build, so I thought it was about time to post some pics. It's a D60 from a 91 F350. I bought the whole truck as a dually for $800, took out the axle and sold it as is for $800. So the 60 was free, and the 14 bolt was $200 at the junkyard. Both have...