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  1. '99 EB Explorer

    Need some direction

    hey guys. I just picked up a '96 explorer with a 302. Was just wondering if anyone has a list of what's needed out of the donor truck to swap it in to my '99 explorer. Haven't worked my way over to the tech section yet. Any help here would be great. Thanks in advance Edit Keep in mind...
  2. '99 EB Explorer

    Draining the trans??

    Ok, so I went to a retail store yesterday to pick up some trans fluid to do a filter change on my 5r55e. I had to ask where the trans fluid was because the damn store doesn't put it front and center like my favorite parts shop does(my parts shop was closed :annoyed:) Keep in mind that I DID...
  3. '99 EB Explorer

    IAC Problems...

    So I replaced my IAC valve not long ago. Replaced it because, on startup, the truck would rev up...then come down and almost die. When I pulled it off, I noticed the shaft inside was rusty and incredibly dirty. Replacing the IAC valve seemed to fix that issue, but the RPM would stay up much...
  4. '99 EB Explorer

    Lateral play??

    Just wondering how much lateral play the axle shafts should have in the 31 spline 8.8?? Noticed some play when I had the wheels off the ground not long ago. Kinda scared me...was going to look into c-clip eliminators if this is a problem...
  5. '99 EB Explorer

    ima be a daddy!!!!!

    Wife went into labor about an hour ago! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :D :headbang: I'm here checkin the bank accounts and picking up some stuff for the stay at the hospital. See you guys on the flip side! :icon_thumby:
  6. '99 EB Explorer

    2012 Boss 302!!!

    Just found this on MSN news!! :yahoo: :yahoo: http://autos.ca.msn.com/reviews/2012/article.aspx?cp-documentid=28270263
  7. '99 EB Explorer

    A couple 9" questions...

    I posted this same thing in the Ranger axles section and didn't notice. So I'm re-posting here. Sorry. So to start things off, I'm looking into saving up for the Dixon Bro's Racing long travel coilover swap for my Explorer. http://www.dixonbrosracing.com/content/view/8/6/ It says it...
  8. '99 EB Explorer

    Ford 9" questions...

    So to start things off, I'm looking into saving up for the Dixon Bro's Racing long travel coilover swap for my Explorer. http://www.dixonbrosracing.com/content/view/8/6/ It says it makes the truck 4.5" wider per side. Based on my measurements, I'd have to find a rear axle that measures 68.5"...
  9. '99 EB Explorer

    Anybody know?

    I was wondering if anyone here knows if a Lockrite or a NoSlip would work if I install c-clip eliminators first?? :icon_confused: Specs: 1999 Explorer w/8.8" rear and 4.10 gearing. Looking to buy the c-clip eliminators, but only if they work with lockers.
  10. '99 EB Explorer

    New stuffs in tha build threadz

    New pix up in the build thread. Lifted and paint. GoodOld85BlueBalls has been repp'd for the paint idea.
  11. '99 EB Explorer

    Pix posted

    Check the build thread!! :D
  12. '99 EB Explorer

    Probably the funniest thread I've ever read...

    I was in tears reading this! Post #10 is where he explains what happened. http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=18595 EDIT: read the thread topic to see the initial funnyness
  13. '99 EB Explorer

    Freaking itching to get at it!!!!!!

    Did some reading on another site yesterday and found out that I can accomplish my 2" of lift on the rear using f-150 leafs. Trick is to scrap the main leaf from the f-150 pack and swap the rest on to the explorer main. So I went out on the hunt today and picked up a set of f-150 springs in...
  14. '99 EB Explorer

    Spring options?

    I'm trying to do a 2" suspension lift. I was just wondering if there are "taller" leaf packs out there from another truck that would fit my explorer and lift it the required 2 or so inches that I'm looking for? I was going to go with shackles, but they'll have to be extended about 5-6 inches...
  15. '99 EB Explorer


    Keep your eyes on the build thread late next week! Got some new toys coming in on Wednesday!!! :D :icon_hornsup: 16x8, 5 on 4.5 Bolt Pattern Backspace = 4.25 in. Max Load = 2000 lbs Finish = Gloss Black Powder Coat Center Caps sold separately. They're just going to have my stock...
  16. '99 EB Explorer


    Anyone here have experience with them? I was taking a look at their product. Seems very well priced.
  17. '99 EB Explorer

    Nice job that a local custom fab company made...

    They call it Military Mazda. Click the link to their facebook page to see it. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nickel-4x4/106680169353940?ref=ts The place is called Nickel 4x4...I was visiting there today and think i'll be dealing with them for possible future work. :D
  18. '99 EB Explorer

    Lock-right and gearing...

    So I was looking at a lock-right setup today. Says that when you turn corners, it makes a ratcheting sound. Anyone who has one of these ever notice that sound? If so, how bad is it? My truck will remain a DD for a long time, I just don't want ppl looking at my truck funny every time I take a...
  19. '99 EB Explorer

    A couple ideas for new stickers or t-shirts??

    I was thinking about it today(mainly because i found porcalain figures like these)...would anyone be interested in TRS stickers or T-Shirts with our Rangers or Explorers or BII's drawn like one of these... Or even something like this... or.. The figures I found today have that melted...
  20. '99 EB Explorer

    You'll never convince me....

    ....that small diesel trucks can't pass emmissions tests in North America!!! There is NO reason at all for not bringing them here! And here's the proof! A new-ish Grand Cherokee But wait!! What's this? Hmm...do I smell a possible swap coming on??