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  1. wohlf 16

    3.0 auto to 4.0 sohc manual

    Got a 2001 3.0 auto 4x4 with a great body on it for 500 bux. Hate 3.0s and automatics. Love the 4.0 and manual tranny. Seen older swaps but have not seen any for the Sohc. If I get engine, tranny, harness, and computer is it plug and play. As in the plug the same on the 4.0 and 3.0 going to the...
  2. wohlf 16

    Manual to auto

    99 4.0 4x4. Want to swap out my manual for an auto but want to know if its as simple as getting one from a 4x4 and swapping it in place? Wondering if drive shafts will need modded and if I need to get computer from auto truck? Been boggin with the manual but I'm to the point where I need to hit...
  3. wohlf 16

    Got me a tow truck

    2004 F250 6.0 powerstroke. Extended cab 8 ft. bed. Manual tranny with 67,000 miles on it. Its an Fx4 but its got rubber floors, vinyl seats, manual crank windows and a cassette deck. It has the Super Duty rust around the wheel wells but Im gonna get that taken care of and prolly line x it from...
  4. wohlf 16

    Swappin explorer 8.8 to ranger 8.8

    I was lookin at an explorer at the junk yard that had a complete 8.8 under it with no tires on it sitting up nice and easy to grab everything I would need to do a disk brake swap I think. I was wondering if I 1. Pull the 31 spline axle shafts 2. Grab the spider gears 3. Take everything for the...
  5. wohlf 16

    Speedometer Suggestions needed

    Follow the wires from your 8.8 rear axle abs/speed sensor back to the transfer case. Cut the wires and re attach the sensor. Plug it into your transfer case. That is if you have swapped the stock t-case out for a manual 1354 that has the speed sensor on it. Or some guys have cut a hole in the...
  6. wohlf 16


    Is there anyway to make these tires better than what people say about them? I have a guy that said he had a set of 35 14.50 thornbirds with great tread that he would trade me for my 37 12.50 military ozs. I hate to keep goin down in size but the militarys blow a big one for just about anything...
  7. wohlf 16

    2001 on 93-97 frame

    Is it possible? I have been seriously thinkin about this ever since i went through my third or fourth set of wheel bearings. Kinda lost track. Anyways Im thinking about finding a bare 93 to 97 frame completely stripped of everything and swapping the body, motor, tranny, and rear axle over. If I...
  8. wohlf 16

    No speedo

    I understand what your sayin cause I realize that it counted teeth on the disk attached to the 8.8 ring gear but im not sure how i would go about doing that. Would I need to also take the part of the sensor off the old axle, connect it to my wiring, mount the sensor so that it is facing the...
  9. wohlf 16

    No speedo

    Damn. Thats pretty pricey. Looks B.A. tho. Instead of payin 300 I might look into just buyin a $100 Garmin and just keep it in the truck. the worse thing with the Garmin is that it has a couple second delay, but then again my truck isnt gonna be seen hangin around the strip. Thanks for the input...
  10. wohlf 16

    No speedo

    Ive solid axle swapped my 1999 ford ranger. I swapped the rear 8.8 out for a 1978 f250 dana 60. Now my abs/speed sensor just hangs out by my spare tire carrier under the bed. I wandered if anybody that has done this swap has figured out how to get their speedo to work? I have also swapped my...
  11. wohlf 16

    Fighting the war against rust

    Driver side suicide door was rustin to hell so I bought a kit of Herculiner and went to town. Took me and my wife and two buddies two days to finish(broke some bolts $#@!). Let me know what you guys think.
  12. wohlf 16

    explorer abs issue

    Its a 97 AWD 5.0 explorer. My mother in law drove the damn thing so long without pads that the rotor seized itself to the wheel bearing. I replaced the pads on it first cause I couldnt figure out how to get the rotor off, then she drove on it like that for about a year then it sat for a year...
  13. wohlf 16

    Dually wheel seal

    Just like it reads I got a buddy of mine that has a late 90's early 2000ish 3500 cummins dually that has a leaking wheel seal. Never done a seal on one of these but I told him I would help him out. He showed me the wheel seal and it looks like a piece of metal about 1/2 inch thick with a rubber...
  14. wohlf 16

    9 inch 99 ranger

    Thanks a lot for all the info. I really do appreciate it. I get saturday mornings to mess with it so I will definetly be doin this saturday mornin. Thanks again.
  15. wohlf 16

    9 inch 99 ranger

    Alright I think I might be somewhat of a tard. It must be a sealed bearing and it doesnt use an axle seal. Like I said never messed with one of these axles before. So where exactly do I put the rtv? And would one shaft be different than the other? The passenger side has a tapered bearing on the...
  16. wohlf 16

    9 inch 99 ranger

    No I got the damn seal in all the way into the axle tube. It seated properly and wasnt crooked or anything. Its when I was going to put the axle shaft back in that I was unable to get it to go past the 2 bearings and on the end of the shaft. I made a half ass pic of it on paint. The two arrows...
  17. wohlf 16

    9 inch 99 ranger

    Ok. I have a leaking axle seal on the driver side of my nine inch that im swapping into my 99. Got an axle seal from advance auto and put it in. Looked like everything went in great. Went to put the shaft back in and it wont go in. What the hell? I ended up just taking it out so I could get the...
  18. wohlf 16

    Solid axle shocks

    Been waiting on parts to finish my draglink so ive been searchin for shocks for the rear of my truck. Will skyjackers made for a 97 with 8 inches of lift work for my 99 sas ranger. Got chevy 63's minus overload, stock block plus 2 inch lift block (save the shit about stacked blocks its not...
  19. wohlf 16

    whats this hole for?

    Gonna put a 1350 manual shift t-case in my ranger thats got a 1354 electric. Dont know what this hole is for tho on my 1350.
  20. wohlf 16

    Excessive play in front driveshaft

    Got an 01 ranger edge 4x4 5spd. I've been getting a popping noise out of the front end when I take off and when I shift into second gear. I grabbed ahold of the front drive shaft and it rotates almost a quarter turn either way before it catches. The pinion seal has a slight leak but nothing...