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  1. Iron Ranger

    Ever had an opportunity to do something you've always wanted to do?

    I've always wanted to do two things in life: build a flatbed and install a stack that actually looks good. Well.....this winter, I had the opportunity to do both at once for a friend's farm truck.:D What I started with: Added the stack: And.....the flatbed all hand fabricated by yours...
  2. Iron Ranger

    A lot has happened this year...

    Hey guys! Ooftah! Well, The craziest thing happened on January 1st of 2012, I was looking around on eharmony and spotted a beautiful woman. She....is perfect. And, within a few months, I could not bear to hold out any longer....I needed her in my life. So, instead of buying parts for...
  3. Iron Ranger

    Brand new pump(non-refurb), but still whines

    In my 1992 ranger with 110,000 miles on it, I decided to replace the PS pump since it was whining really badly. I replaced it, got all the air out of the pump and topped off the res. The thing still whines a little bit. Would a new steering box or something correct the issue? I thought it...
  4. Iron Ranger

    Higher limit speedometer gauge

    Do they sell higher capacity dash gauges for my 92 ranger? As you may know, it maxes out at 85, and I want to have one that maxes out at 120 or higher. Do they make them? And if they do, how do I calibrate the mechanical speedo to tell me my speed correctly? Thank you!
  5. Iron Ranger

    It's funny how this played out...

    http://usnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/12/06/9246414-mugger-left-bloodied-after-attempt-on-mma-fighter The term "got the crap kicked out of him" is an understatement. :D
  6. Iron Ranger

    Wow! This is great!

    It only took 2 months.....but it was well worth the wait! Lookit how awesome it is! :icon_bounceblue:
  7. Iron Ranger

    Life changing decision!

    Ok! I got a question for all you guys out there! This is gonna rock your world of what I wanna ask.... Should I or should I not enter the world of forced induction?..... :icon_surprised:
  8. Iron Ranger

    My lil' baby!

    Well, some of you know I've had the ol' girl for a good 6 years now, but here's some pics of her in a recent car show. And if you're wondering what my poster board shows, here you go: :icon_thumby:
  9. Iron Ranger

    I love this

    kJi1v15yhlM I don't care how tough your are, this one always makes the eyes well up... :') And ditto a million times over to the phrase in the end. :icon_thumby:
  10. Iron Ranger

    I need to build something.

    Anyone got anything they want me to build for them? Something small and can be explained over a pm? I can do all kinds, stainless and aluminum included. With my Ranger done, I'm going nuts over here! I got nothing to build! Well, I do, but there's no room where I live to build stuff.
  11. Iron Ranger

    I'm gonna do it!!!

    August 31st at Brainerd International Raceway is Wednesday Night Open Drags........and my red ranger is gonna be there! :yahoo: I wanna see how she does in the 1/4 mile, plus I hope I can race a ricer or 2......that would be SWEET! :icon_bounceblue:
  12. Iron Ranger

    I would soooooo eat here!

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43718876/ns/business-small_business/ I mean, no offense to the kids, but if they are climbing all over everything, knocking things over, screaming about nothing......and the parents DO nothing.... Yeah, I would enjoy it here. It's not only the food people want...
  13. Iron Ranger

    Need some explaination

    OK, I want more stopping power for my ranger. I got 17" Cobra rims and a 302 powerplant. I got all the go in the world, but the stopping part is kinda lacking. I see that they make drilled/slotted rotors for my 2wd street machine, but are there any aftermarket calipers that I can purchase...
  14. Iron Ranger

    Fast and the Furious "6"

    Slated to release on Memorial Day of 2013. I dunno, I think that this is a liiiiiiiiiiiittle past it's usefulness? I mean, fast ricer cars, some nice muscle cars, no street truck!? Lets put some Rangers in there for cryin' out loud! :D Also, they should re-name it "Fast and the Furious: The...
  15. Iron Ranger

    Where the heck was this all my life!!?

    http://www.billetbadges.com/ The time from order to shipped is about 3 months.... :icon_surprised: But it would be so WORTH IT!! I got a set for a buddy's Harley coming and I'm gonna go over what I want as far as the Ranger is concerned. That tailgate looks awfully plain to me....... :D
  16. Iron Ranger

    Hangover 2

    Ick, yuck, nasty, filthy! Sure, some parts were funny, but did they REALLY have to put that much wang into the movie!!? And to think it was rated "R"? That's an easy "MA" movie! Ugh, never thought I'd see what makes a tranny, a "tranny"...... :bad::bad:
  17. Iron Ranger

    This is too good!

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43223011?GT1=43001 His last name is Weiner, and he's in trouble for sending a lewd pic. A lewd pic of what!!? His....WEINER!!? BAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! :icon_rofl::icon_rofl::icon_rofl::icon_rofl:
  18. Iron Ranger

    Seat belt fastener removeal

    Now, in my 92 ranger, I've tried to take out the seatbelt torx head bolts with the impact torxs bit, but all I did was strip or break bits. I'm drilling out the head of one of them now, but it seems even the head on these things are hardened steel, where as the center is not(I was able to drill...
  19. Iron Ranger

    1997 Ford Taurus issues

    A lady-friend of mine describes her car of struggling to accelerate, very little power, steering wheel shaking violently, and a brake-burning smell. She felt the brakes after not using them and she said they were very, very hot. All the while, she hasn't used the brakes. It happens while she...
  20. Iron Ranger

    Is this possible?

    Is it possible to mount a steering stabilizer/damper on my 92 ranger 2wd? It's got a little bump-steer and I wanna see if I can weld up some mounts and such for it to work. Thank you!