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  1. 97fightingseebee

    which is heavier?

    which is heavier? a newer model 4.0 v6, or an all aluminum 4.6 v8?
  2. 97fightingseebee

    2008 2wd ranger possibilities?

    I have a 2008 2wd ranger with a 2.3 4cyl. I plan on puttin a 08 4.6 out of a mustang and a th-56 6 speed in it along with the rear end out of a 4wd ranger while im gone on deployment. I also wanna lift it about 5 inches or so. Just enough to fit some 35's underneath. I want it to be a...
  3. 97fightingseebee

    2008 2.3 ranger.

    and the dyno has the capability to completely rewrite my ecu to run with the mods right? are they gonna have to hack into it or somthin or can they just hook up and start programming?
  4. 97fightingseebee

    2008 2.3 ranger.

    will sombody clarify this for me? say i was to put a couple of cams, or add some kind of charger to my truck, do i HAVE to take it to a dyno? or can the company i buy my programmer from just send me an update or somthin?
  5. 97fightingseebee

    2008 2.3 ranger.

    are you sure the intake wont help any? i put one on my old ranger and it seemed to help alot... of course it didnt have much power to begin with.. and this is one quiet ass truck.. i put a flowmaster 40 series on it and you can barely tell.. so im wonderin what straights would sound like.. and...
  6. 97fightingseebee

    2008 2.3 ranger.

    well i had a 97 ranger with the 2.3 in it and i bought one of those JET piggybacks and it sucked.. wasnt worth a damn.. even on premium fuel i couldnt tell any difference other then i might have been drinkin a little more fuel... but i think the diablo is the way to go. either that or the one...
  7. 97fightingseebee

    2008 2.3 ranger.

    yeah, mine has both fans also... theres a company called "diablo programers" or something that claims to make a programmer for my 4-cylinder. i think you can get it on summit or maybe jcwhitney. i dont remember.. but do you think its legit and would it be worth the $300?
  8. 97fightingseebee

    2008 2.3 ranger.

    you have no idea man. i put a intake, ignition system, chip, exhaust, and re-geared the rear end on my 97. it aint got shit on this new one stock. it surprised the hell outta me. its a lot peppier too. i just dont like the clutch on the new one too much... and i preciate the info on the focus...
  9. 97fightingseebee

    2008 2.3 ranger.

    I just bought a 2008 ranger with the 2.3 dohc engine in it. I used to have a 97 with a 2.3 but compared to my new one, its a dinosaur. But i still dont know hardly anything about my new one. Is it a "duratech" or what? What are my options as far a extra power? Im limited to what i can find...
  10. 97fightingseebee

    1997 ranger flywheel and swing bearing.

    does anyone know if the aluminum flywheel esslinger racing sells will work on my 1997 ranger with a 2.3 5 speed? and does anyone else whose truck uses a swing bearing on the drive shaft have to replace theirs every 6 months or so?