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  1. fyre82

    Lift Kit ID help needed

    You are correct Senornoob, the torsion bars are removed, those are coil over Bilstien. I stumble with jargon... What is it you feel you are missing? I'll do the best I can. I'll research with superlift and RCD. Thanks
  2. fyre82

    Lift Kit ID help needed

    Hey guys, I need some help to identify what brand lift is on my 2K Ranger 4x. Best as I can tell it is 6" lift, anyone recognize the style of the lift box? I can't find a mark on any of the parts other than the part number on the knuckle. I am in need of a left lift knuckle as it got a bit...
  3. fyre82

    1988 Ranger high pressure fuel pump not getting power

    I've been struggling with a similar intermittent no fuel problem in my 88, most recently twice with higher temp, 210 and AC on. It died like it was out of fuel, pump ran at key on and gave me spurts of fuel and air at the schrader. It wouldn't start until it cooled below 190, after the flatbed...
  4. fyre82

    88 cranking issue

    My '88 ranger 2.9, manual, has been suffering with a cranking issue. I turn the key, the lights go out like they do when it starts, the starter does nothing. If I leave the key on in neutral I can jump the solenoid and it fires right off. This started last spring, I suffered with it for awhile...
  5. fyre82

    No crank issue

    My 2000 4.0 4x automatic, developed an issue a few days ago that has continued to perplex me. I was driving home when the 'check gauge' light comes on. Temp gauge is high, not HOT. It goes down, light goes out, a couple of repeats of this I stop, check, and it definitely isn't HOT, coolant is...
  6. fyre82

    Can't connect through OBD port

    2000 Ranger 4.0 4x4 I have an intermittent check engine light for a slow O2 sensor, known malfunction. If it bothers me I turn it off with my Inova code reader. Got the light again, went to connect the reader and it won't connect to the computer, hot, cold, key on/off, engine on/off. Tried it...
  7. fyre82

    Lift help

    I recently put some 1.5' coil spacers in my previously lifted 88 supercab to try to get it aligned in front. That went well, all I need to do now is adjust the bushings some to bring the wheels up straight. What I have now is the rear is significantly lower. It was before but now it's really...
  8. fyre82

    2000 Ranger Fuse Panel

    2K Ranger XLT 4.0 4x supercab steppy, I have some intermittent electrical issues that I have been working through. I can't find a good inside fuse panel scheme for this rig. I found some in interwebz search but haven't been successful in specific diagrams. My rig just happens to have a 06/00...
  9. fyre82

    Extended Brake Lines

    I posted this in General, decent looks, no feedback . . . I did search through this thread and didn't find what I was looking for. What I need is where to find some longer, braided, front brake lines for my lifted '00 Ranger. Or what application works. Thanks Rich
  10. fyre82

    Extended Braided Brake Line

    I recently acquired a nicely lifted '00 supercab. I didn't like the heavy offset wheels that were on it and swapped them out for some soft 8's. Long story short, the right front brake line rubbed on the inside wheel weight and consequently failed. I was stopped fortunately. The truck had braided...
  11. fyre82

    '03 Ranger miss at 3K rpm

    I'm working on an '03 3.0 Ranger. It won't rev above 3K rpm, at that point it acts like it's running on less than 6 cylinders. There are no codes, none stored. I replaced air filter, fuel filter and plugs with no improvement. The truck ran fine until it was stolen, now it has this issue. Any...
  12. fyre82

    Repinning Gen 1 Wiring

    Does anyone have a clue as to how to remove the wires from Gen 1 loom plugs? I used the wrong cleaner on one of mine now the connection won't stay locked in the plastic plug. I can't figure how to get the plug to release the other connections so I can replace it. Thanks Rich
  13. fyre82

    Eldorado Forest closes roads

    For those of you that frequent the Eldorado N.F. there are closures that will be in effect this year resulting from a court order. http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/eldorado/news-events/?cid=STELPRDB5362068 Rich
  14. fyre82


    8 - 10" at 4500' Sunday morning. Yesterday pm. :icon_thumby:
  15. fyre82

    Adjustable camber bushings

    OK lifted TTB guys . . . I have an '88 Ranger Super with a 4" suspension lift. The camber is way off, as expected with the TTB. What is you all's suggestion for the best deal on adjustable bushings? My tire guys said that a shim adjustment would work but I think that the adjustable...
  16. fyre82

    New Toy

    I had been wanting a winch forever. Finally found a great deal and set to figuring how to mount this up to my Ranger. I found an old transfer skid plate in my junkyard and started fooling around with placement. That was a bit too low so I messed around some more and found a place and a...
  17. fyre82

    Dual temp guage.

    I put a dual gauge system into my '88 Ranger 4x several years ago after having the usual malfunctions and mis-functions with the stock idiot gauges. For this write up I am only dealing with Rangers with 2.9, with and with out a/c, and with and with out EGR. Specifically this is an '88 Ranger...
  18. fyre82

    Fyre82's Ranger refit

    Late last fall I decided I needed a project for the spring and my daughter needs a ride. So after searching around I found this gem in the northern Nevada desert. She had a few cosmetic issues, but nothing that couldn't be dealt with. The truck was also minus it's 4ALD as the previous...
  19. fyre82

    ECM compatability

    Hey guys, I looked but couldn't find the answer to this one so maybe someone can help. I am building an '88 Ranger xcab 4x, converting from automatic to manual. I pulled the ECM out of my '87 xcab 4x manual donor intending it as a replacement for the auto ECM in the '88. That is all well and...
  20. fyre82

    Clarification question

    I have been thorugh 100+ pages of this thread and would like a solid clarification on transmission application. I have recently obtained a very clean '88 Ranger XLT, x-cab, 2.9, 4x4, automatic w /electric shift transfer case. The tranny was removed for replacement but the project was never...