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  1. bf750

    Pin out help

    The black and white plug in on the engine harness on a 88 Bronco 2, I need to know what the 8 wires go to on the black plug. I had to change it and worried I screwed it up.
  2. bf750

    Automatic door locks

    How do you disarm the automatic door locks on a 96 explore limited edition? Every time you get in and out, when put in drive locks again.
  3. bf750

    flash computer

    Is there any one here that can flash a computer on a 1996 explore:icon_pepsi:
  4. bf750

    1356 t case

    How hard is it to switch from a slip yoke to a fixed yoke like on a bronco:icon_welder:
  5. bf750

    Back hatch

    Will a back hatch from a first gen explorer fit a bronco ii:icon_welder:
  6. bf750

    bronco 2

    can someone posts some pics of bronco 2 on full size truck frame I need to now how to mount the to :icon_welder:
  7. bf750

    dana 44

    on a dana 44 , wouldn't it be simpiler to grind out plug welds and shorten tube on the stump side?:icon_welder:
  8. bf750

    Trans switch

    will a C6 trans for a 4x4 mount up to a 1350 transfer case in a bronco 2?:icon_confused:
  9. bf750

    my bronco ii build

    a lot of improvements to come :headbang:
  10. bf750

    need some info

    :icon_confused:does the heads have to come off to put in lifters :icon_pepsi:
  11. bf750

    just curious

    :shok:will a 3.8 v6 boat up to a 302 transmission:icon_confused:
  12. bf750

    Replacing 2.9

    how hard is it to change a 2.9 with a 3.0? what all has to be changed besides the computer? Mine is a automatic. does the bellhousing have to be changed as well? thanks for the imput........