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  1. eastatlantaCHUCK

    Who has the biggest ####

    So guys what’s the biggest V8 we have converted??
  2. eastatlantaCHUCK

    Well it’s 2019 can we talk Superchargers

    So has anyone supercharged a Ford Vulcan V6 is a 3.0 L?? Let’s talk cost Hp gain
  3. eastatlantaCHUCK

    Clueless about lowering

    I have a 1994 Ford Ranger XLT I was looking to drop it, I was thinking about going with a “DJM Suspension” Kit, and probably using there shocks. The truck is currently completely stock with no modifications. Any suggestions???
  4. eastatlantaCHUCK


    Hello I’m Chuck, I’m from ATL Money can’t buy happiness But it can buy you a Hellcat And that’s sort of the same thing FIRST TRUCK!!!