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  1. evanesce69

    SETX members???

    Anyone in the southeast Texas area? Any events in the Texas area?
  2. evanesce69

    Need some information about 2.3L turbo crank!

    I've bought a 2.5L sohc from a 97 Ranger that had two pistons grenade. Fortunately the block cleaned up at .040" but the crank was thrashed. My ultimate goal is turbocharging this engine and replacing my 3.0L. I know the bell housings on the engines are different between the 2.3/2.5 and the...
  3. evanesce69

    misses, backfires and fuel injector issues

    ok guys... i'm at a loss... I just rebuilt a new motor for my 93 supercab 4x4. I's a 3.0 and 5 speed. here's what's happening 1) #1 cylinder runs just fine, unplug the injector and there is a noticeable change in idle. Spark is there, plug looks good with signs of normal combustio 2) #2...
  4. evanesce69

    Needed: BW 1354 companion flange w/3" spacing

    Guys I'm needing a rear output flange that has bolt spacing of 3" x 3". I hear they come on 2003 and newer t-cases.... Anyone have one for sale?
  5. evanesce69

    BW 1354 case bolt torques???

    BW 1354 case bolt torques??? SOLVED Does anyone know the torque for the case bolts? I cannot find any information regarding the subject. What I need: 1) flange nut torque (front and rear) 2) case bolts (those that hold the two halves together) 3) transfer case to transmission...
  6. evanesce69

    93 Ford Ranger Dana 44 Install

    OK, so as the title says, over the weekend I installed full width (non cut and welded) Dana 44 beams into my Ranger. I intend to document in process in great detail so to share what I have learned so far. 93 Ford Ranger Supercab, 3.0L V6, M5R1, electric BW1354 6" skyjacker suspension lift...
  7. evanesce69

    Need photos of your timing indicators...

    My bracket that indicated timing on the harmonic balancer is missing. I need photos of what it looks like so I can either replace it or build my own. Help please!!!!
  8. evanesce69

    3.0L rebuild

    rebuilt heads stellite exhaust seats, new valve springs (stock), 3 angle valve job Proform roller rockers 1.7:1 These rockers have 5/16 in bolts which will need to be replaced. I've read about tapping the heads for 5/16" threads but i would recommend against doing so. The difference between...
  9. evanesce69

    Camshaft specifications 3.0L Vulcan

    Hello All- It has been a while since I have last been here. I am in need of some information that I have had a very hard time researching. I would like to know the lift, duration and centerline of our factory 3.0 camshaft. I am also curious whether or not anyone knows the "cc" of our factory...
  10. evanesce69

    Fuel Tank

    1993 Ranger Super Cab 4x4 plastic side mount (driver) tank leaks needs replacement anyone have a clear picture of one Know where to source one converted to a larger, say 1999 F150 side mount plastic 24.5 gallon tank if I'm in the wrong forum I apologize, moderator please relocate and inform...
  11. evanesce69

    2005 sable ffv pusgrod into a 93 ranger

    i changed the head gaskets, intake and mounted it all up... ran great..... drove it 100 miles mo problems then the CEL comes on and it develops a miss.... now it will bearly stay at speed.... at part throttle it just falls flat on itsels, but mash it and it has TONS of power. Plus it...
  12. evanesce69

    Transfercase problems.....

    Maybe a little off topic, but i've had a few problems with the transfer case locking in. I have the button on the dash. When i push the button nothing happens except for the sound of a relay clicking on and then off. I haven't really looked much into it yet, but it's November and i may need...
  13. evanesce69

    What is the size of the dome on a 3.0 FFV piston?

    I found this information once before, but I seem to have forgotten where I saved it. I am unable to find it again. Can anyone help me on this one??? :icon_confused: :icon_confused: :icon_confused: Rob
  14. evanesce69

    easiest way to check for blown head gasket

    when i try to start my truck, the overflow res shakes something terrible. I think the head gasket has gone south, but i dont want to take it apart just to find out nothing was wrong. Do you guys know of any quick and dirty ways of checking the gaskets without disassembly??? the truck does...
  15. evanesce69

    heater core: How hard is it to change???

    1993 non xlt super cab 3.0L 4x4 I got a real bad sweet smell and the windows are fogging up? anyone done this,??? how hard is it to do??? Thanks guys!!!!
  16. evanesce69

    3 piece intake on a two piece block/truck

    do you think i could get a newer windstar 3 piece intake to fit my '93 ranger 2 piece? what are your thought on this my good fellows?
  17. evanesce69

    question for any 60' v6 engine

    but mainly for our 3.0L how many crank revs before all 6 cylinders fire? am I right to assume every 60' degree we get a cylinder event, or would that be every 300 degree. a cylinder event being spark and ignition I know there are at least 2 revs for a full ICPE cycle What i dont know is...
  18. evanesce69

    F150 4x2 to Ranger 4x4 coil swap

    just did the F150 Coil swap in my 93 ranger. I left out the stock F150 spacers until i fount out what this would be like. I may go back later and install the spacers. Ride is decent, actually no real difference from stock ranger coils. here are the pics...... And a couple of these to...
  19. evanesce69


  20. evanesce69

    cfm of motor at rpm

    ok, I've worked 62 hours in the last 5 day and have had maybe a days rest. this project is becoming very time consuming (and i dont mean my E85 ambitions) I take tonight off. ... as the vodka settles in i find myself getting less adept.... my fellows, how do i calculate cfm at a specified...