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  1. new to gearing

    alright so im looking at re gearing, i have a 98 ranger 4.0 5 speed and i run 315/75 r16 my rear is a 31 spline 8.8, what are the lowest gears i can run and not have cleareance issues? i would like to run 4.56 but i am not sure if i would have to switch carriers or not, and if so i wouldn't be...
  2. drivetrain experts apply here

    sooo.... 1998 4.0 5 speed 4x4 ranger, manual 1350 swap, explorer spindle and cv axle swap to eliminate ford's worst 4x4 system ever, now im supposed to need a 95-96 explorer driveshaft to make my t case do its thang on my front diff... well i got one... and the ****er doesn't fit.. im overjoyed...
  3. good front bumper cash payment

    i need a good solid bumper. needs a winch carrier, a good approach angle, and im kind of going for something small and sleek
  4. just wondering?

    what would be the easiest engine swap a 302, a 5.0 efi, or an sohc?
  5. shit... help please

    so here's my newest problem... move truck across drive way , kill it, go back out a half hour later, turn the key nothing. jump it, starts fine, drive around the block, turn it off, turn the key, again nothing. leave sit for awhile come back, clicking coming from relay under dash, theft light...
  6. need help, starting to rain, no mudding for me

    :dunno: so turn the key, clioking in dash, 4wd lights flash 6x every 2 minutes. but there is no 20 maxi to check because its a 98 which has a relay instead and it's good. relay in dash = good. t-case shift motor is new. trouble shooting with a mechanic at work says that my electric clutch relay...
  7. explorer to ranger?

    will a electric borg warner 1354 from a explorer bolt up to a 1998 ranger
  8. been lurkin'

    hi, i'm john dill fromm cheyenne wyoming. i will be asking alot of questions about my truck that most of you, i expect, will have answers too. here is my truck so far. new clutch, every fluid you can think of is fresh, all the maintenence(plugs wires n such), blocks n shackles, torsion keys, bfg...