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  1. For Sale 1985 bronco 2

    Needs the fuel pump put in. I have the pump it has 60k miles on engine but it definately needs some love. I replaced the whole cooling system and all the gear box fluid. DVD copout new cb radio, new speakers , headliner. It's still not that pretty inside but the outside is pretty clean. I need...
  2. Gauge cluster

    Does anyone know any common problems with where the voltage regulator for the gauge cluster gets its power. Tried a different cluster, fuel and temp dont work. Replaced sensor and sending unit . 2.8l 1985 b2
  3. Map light

    So I've got the fold down map light in my b2 and I need it to work lol , it's got 8v coming out of the socket wich could be a bad ground unless that's normal but all the bulbs that fit are 12 v. when I did the headliner I chanched all the connections up top and it seems fine
  4. Stereo and cb done

    So in the midst of having my dash off to clean up and replace wires and grounds and rebuild the turn signal switch I decided to install the stereo I used a dual bt dvd popout screen that is 70$ for none bt and 107 for bt Pioneer 4 inch speakers up front and Pyle 6x9 in the rear 50$ Uniden cb...
  5. 1985 bronco 2

    Hey guys I picked up a 85 bronco 2 last week for 1300$ had 60k miles one owner but sat for the last 14 years. I have replaced the headliner installed new stereo with a dvd pop out screen Replaced all the fluids in every single thing. Replaced all the electrical wires under the hood including...