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  1. .38spl

    First gen body parts

    Fenders, doors, 89-92 hood, headlight assemblies, Explorer grill, 89-92 front bumper. Make offers. Located in Kuttawa KY 42055
  2. .38spl

    Catching up: My Bronco II build thread

    Spring 2017 I traded a .38 Spl for this 87 Bronco II. It had a small lift, 31” tires, and a bad engine. 90% rust free with previous mild rollover damage. Had sat for four years. I rebuilt another 2.9, replaced both fuel pumps, and put tires on it.
  3. .38spl

    New (not so new) Guy From Western KY

    Another returning member here, been gone since around 2003. Two years ago I traded a S&W .38 Special for an 87 Bronco II with a bad engine, so here I am. I’ve been into hot rods, classic trucks, and off road for most of my life. My current fleet is my 87 BII, the wife’s 86 BII, 81 F150 4x4...
  4. .38spl

    Freshening up a 4.0 OHV

    I’m swapping an OHV4.0 from an Explorer into my 87 B2. Im in no hurry, and although the engine was driving in the vehicle prior to tear down, I plan on pulling it apart to check out the bearings, bored, etc, and to re-seal it. It has about 140,000 miles on it. Anything else 4.0 specific that I...
  5. .38spl

    Parting out 1994 Eddie Bauer Explorer

    Engine, transmission, center console, and wiring harness not available. Doors, front cap, grill, and headlight assembly are in 9/10 condition. Tan interior is 8/10 condition except for front seats are trashed. Call or text, make offers, will ship parts. Located in Kuttawa KY. 270.226.0037
  6. .38spl

    1994 A4LD in an 86?

    The 2.9 in my 87 Bronco II is getting weak, and the A4LD in my wife’s 86 BII lost reverse. So I picked up a 94 Explorer 4.0 Auto to kill two birds with one stone. Then I find out that although the 94 is the strongest of the A4LD’s, the electricals aren’t the same. Has anyone made this swap...
  7. .38spl

    Is there a Touch Drive module bypass?

    Has anyone run their transfer case motor straight off of toggles, bypassing the dash module? My overhead buttons don't light up, I don't get any kind of feedback whatsoever from them. I'd like to just put two stitches in the console. I realize that the dash module is what keeps Low Range from...